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You're doing well right now. You're with ate Lez, Jlaiza and Thessa. This is not the first time that you feel happy with them. This past few days since you knew exactly what's the problem with you, you also knew how to free yourself from your unstoppable thoughts. Now, they're having good time. While you are writing right now, you can't watch them happy they really was. It's okay 'coz you know this isn't the thing you can cherish. You know there will be time that you have to forget all of this and if that happen I wanna you to learn how not to feel regret everytime you looking back to it. But at the same I want you to appreciate it. At this very moment, you knew what you really wanted to. Ever since you're a kid, you love the peaceful and classy place where you are surrounded by the nice people. You love the lights of buildings, its art design, you're known that you're a princess and respected. But you have a very humble heart. And that you are also able to help and protect all your love ones. Hanna, you don't have to fight. You can surrender all of it and start knew. Start again from the bottom. Remember I am always looking forward to you. I have high hopes that you can do it. We can make this together and as far as you know now God is always watching you and He's rooting for you. Right now, you're hearing His voice saying, "My child, you can do it." He's saying it again and again that means don't give up. And that He's there to catch me everytime I will fall. That I am sure that I can lean on. We both feel now the changes we have waited for so long. This time it's your time to act on you need. God believes in you, "you can do it, my child."
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