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Because Jesus promised me better than this.Age: 2 months

Sealed in 06 May 2021 00:09:45 Opened at: 05 July 2021 00:00:00
Dear me,
First of all, you better be staying true to your last name, always. Right now, I'm not in a healthy environment, and I'm exhausted from hurting both physically and emotionally. It's not that I just want to change only my life: I pray that the Lord changes his, too. Yesterday was my very first day of work at the candy shop after no work at all (due to school) for over a year, and it was the best day, until I had to go home. If you are reading this, please believe, understand, and acknowledge that I'm writing this to you because I believe in you--God is making miracles out of your messes, yet again. I'm witnessing His mercy, right this second. This is the start of your second stretch. Abuse does NOT define you. You are no longer a victim: YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. I just know that you'll be better off than I am now. I am going to do all I can possibly do to make sure that you live the life you deserve. No matter where you are, what you're going through--no matter how old you are--you are going to make it, I promise. Lucy, Charlotte, and Grandma Margaret are watching you from above, while Yeager, Ella, Morgan, Doc Holiday, and Wyatt are protecting you at your temporary home. All I have right now is my disabled, rescue dogs, but they will lead me to you. I didn't rescue them; they rescued me. Don't forget about the nursing home where you last saw Grandma laugh, and never forget to listen to "Wagon Wheel." Take care of your dad. Remember what Grandma taught you and practice her teachings daily. Never forget that you want a pastel, yellow jeep with a cheetah-print, fuzzy interior (LOL). Bring your love of mathematics wherever you go. You are, indeed, beautiful and blonde, yet these physical qualities do not define your knowledge. Yes, you are, indeed, blonde and beautiful, but you are brilliant. NASA is waiting for you (also, fight for Pluto to be a planet lol:). Never stop writing, even if no one is ever going to read what you wrote. Lastly, go out there and be extraordinary. You are a game changer. You are going to experiencing happiness that you never knew existed BECAUSE JESUS PROMISED ME BETTER THAN THIS. P.s. don't forget about the 400,00 children in the U.S. foster care system (not including street kids and/or runaways); advocate for them. Be the person I need right now. P.s.s. continue to write on this time capsule, every single time you open it. Love, Nicole Nice
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