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Lil yatchy will stop practicing black magic forever and face whatever karma that is coming to her Age: 1 month

Sealed in 15 January 2023 17:55:02 Opened at: 16 February 2023 00:00:00
It’s been around 3 years since this person cursed me with black magic. At first she made me fear for my life. I felt like she was torturing me for her own enjoyment. She would make me hear voices of people I know. The voices at times would tell me to go kill myself. This person would threaten me and my whole family. At first I would hear her seldomly. Now it’s very frequent to almost everyday. It seems like she is spying on me somehow. Her voice is the first thing I hear right when I wake up as if she’s watching me sleep. Which I find very disturbing and disgusting. She seems to enjoy it though.

Right now it is Sunday 1/15/2023 9:51am
Observers 0 Views : 215 Owner: Andrew Dinh
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