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Sealed with Dogecoin Declassified: WWII German flying "Discs" aircraftAge: 63 months

Sealed in 03 March 2015 18:21:00 Opened at: 25 April 2020 09:00:00
The US 415th NFS encountered German disc weapons launched from BELOW their aircraft over German-held territory which interfered with the aircraft's prop engines. OFFICIAL (key word) photographs and "Foo Fighter" documentation of these German weapons exist and are available to the public despite the USAAF never explaining what that weapon was. Second, other OFFICIAL US Army and AAF Technical Intelligence Reports from 1945 list similar strange flight craft encountered over the Reich in the last year of the war. Jim Wilson of Popular Mechanics magazine researched this material for an article and through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) documents discovered that the modern USAF ADMITTED by 1995 that the Germans possessed flight discs but only conceded that they were "inherently unstable". No proper identification of those discs nor photos were disclosed. In fact, further classified German discs are not to be declassified until 2020 and the Kahla Complex where they were to be manufactured until 2045. There is also the problem of known German varied disc and circular aircraft programs that can be properly identified which include Focke's Fw Rochen patent, Sack's AS-6V-1, Epps Omega Diskus test models, Schaubergers Repulsin discoid motors, and Schwenteit Elektrische Luft Turbine und Raumschiff patent postwar that is credited as a Schriever/Miethe disc design from WW2 (the mystery V-7). All this evidence is readily available and in print as well. You might consider the German evidence as well from Luftwaffe Sonderburo 13 which was tasked with covering up civilian and military sightings of strange craft over the Reich. On September 29, 1944 a Me-262 pilot on a test run spotted the Andromeda Gerat cylindrical raumschiff traveling at 1,200 mph. His report to Sonderburo 13 is OFFICIAL and on file (although the jet pilot had no idea what the unmarked 348 foot long object was). Sonderburo 13 covered it up as an unknown Allied craft. Finally, there is the postwar evidence of a race to build these type craft as evidenced by AVRO Canada's disc designs (16 of them) and US disc designs now being declassified by Lockheed, Northrop, and NASA.

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