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Remembering cool previous summerAge: 4 hours

Sealed in 07 September 2020 09:34:02 Opened at: 07 September 2020 14:00:00
I’m going to tell about one of the best my summer memories. It’s trip to Italy, Sicilia.
Frankly speaking, I’m quite lazy person and from the beginning didn’t want to go there. I thought it would be boring, but then I still didn’t understand, how much silly I was.
Of course, not all journey was cheerful, but there I got such experience I’m never gonna forget. Firstly, it’s Mediterranean Sea. Come there from Baltic Sea, I could see really huge difference between them. It was really unforgettable experience for me to running after swimming in sea to bathroom. Secondly, it’s Etna. Having been there, I can definitely say, that climbing up to volcano is hard work. But climbed there, you can in fact get a picturesque view. And the last and, maybe, most enjoyable, is amusement and aqua park, named Etna Park. Even before we came, and we came very early, enormous crowd had already been there. But, of course, queues are an integral part of such parks. To be honest, I haven’t visited a lot of amazing amusement and aqua parks, but anyway I have such experience in this case. But Etna Park surpasses all my expectations. For example, one slide in aqua park is special glass cabin which shoots you into the water under 180 degrees. It’s so cool, that it’s impossible to describe it by words.
So, having been in this jorney, I can definitely say, that it absolutely exactly wasn’t in vain.
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