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Hello 13 yo me.Age: 6 months

Sealed in 20 July 2022 16:53:57 Opened at: 18 January 2023 00:00:00
Hi! This is 12 year old Zoe. I'm guessing a lot has changed. I hope i'm better at art, i can actually play keyboard, and i have an even better fashion taste.

Right now, I'm friends with Zoya, Niamh, Louisa, Emma, Florence, Rucha, Almirah, Erin, Eilidh and Travis.
My favourite games are Minecraft, Roblox, Genshin Impact and Animal Crossing (New horisons).

My favourite colour is blue and i love shopping, hanging out with my friends, writing, reading, drawing, painting, gaming, singing, coding and building in Bloxburg (it's a roblox game).

Right now all i'm worried about is the War in Ukraine. I fear that Russia wont do anything to stop and more people will be hurt and worst case scenario, killed.
Hopefully, the war is finally over and the world will finally be at peace. I could say i'm also worried about climate change, but the world is getting onto a better track.
I miss Amelia Giona. If you don't remember she's our primary school best friend (or so we thought.) She's a really mean person now, she ghosted us and her friends randomly added us on snap and caused a bunch of drama. I miss her but i couldn't care less what happens to her, she's just not the same anymore.
But anyways, I'm writing a book right now called Zora and the four Crystal Spires. I hope you continued writing the series just like we hoped we would.

Anyways i'm gonna stop writing, Niamh is talking about how i've written so much, and i'm sure if i go on any longer i'm gonna write an email auto-biography.
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