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Sealed with Dogecoin Mercedes-Benz officially confirmed: the Maybach masterpiece returns to the luxury high-end car marketAge: 7 months

Sealed in 03 November 2014 23:16:35 Opened at: 16 June 2015 13:00:00
After numerous rumors and photos of prototypes, the German company Mercedes-Benz officially announced the return of the brand Maybach markets. Maybach brand was discontinued from the concern Daimler 2 years ago because of low sales. Now he is back, but not as an independent producer, a division of Mercedes-Benz – such as is the AMG. However, it will not make sports and luxury models.
The first one will be extended modification of S-Class. Now the standard model comes with two different lengths – 5116 mm and 5246 mm. According to Wagener length Merceses S-Class Maybach will be about 5550 mm, the increase will mostly affect the distance between the axes of which depends on the space lounge. The Maybach was already filmed during tests Nurburgring. Model is expected to be available in version S600 6.0-liter V12, and in version S65 AMG V12 engine again, but developing higher power.
Launching is scheduled for international auto show in Los Angeles in November. Then you will be shown the sedan, and next year will receive versions Maybach convertible S-Class, as well as SUV GL, which under the new corporate rules will be called Mercedes GLS.

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