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Sealed with Dogecoin Green Line - The Third Line of Sofia Subway is put into service. 550 000 passengers use the Sofia underground railway at 2018Age: 38 months

Sealed in 15 February 2015 20:05:05 Opened at: 07 April 2018 10:30:00
The 16 km long third line is planned to connect Ovcha Kupel neighbourhood (in southwest Sofia) and Vasil Levski neighbourhood (in northeast Sofia), with 19 stations in total, including two transfer stations in the city centre, with both of the already operational lines. According to the Municipality, they estimate the line will be put into service by 2018.

There will be 8 overground and 11 underground stations. The project design contract was awarded to the Czech company Metroprojekt Praha a.s.

In March 2014, a tender for construction of the central section of the line was announced. The section is 7 km long and includes 7 stations, two of them transfer to lines 1 and 2. With the announcement of the tender it became clear, that the initial plans for 19 stations had been partly amended and 2 of the stations will be not be built, one at Doyran boulevard and another at Shipka street. The tunnel of the central section shall be excavated by a TBM, while the construction of stations shall be awarded to other companies. The construction of the section shall be completed within 45 months.In January 2015, a tender for 20 trains, that shall serve the central section of the line, was announced. Driverless train operation, with Grade of Automation 3 (GoA 3), and platform screen doors will ensure the safety of the passengers.

The Sofia subway will be used by 550 000 passengers in 2018, according to Stoyan Bratoev, Executive Director of municipality-owned company Metropoliten EAD.

In a Sunday interview for the Focus news agency, he said that the Sofia subway was being used by 80 000 a 300 000 passengers and their number was to reach 550 000 with the completion of the main part of the third subway line.

He said that the subway stations on the route to Sofia Business Park in the Mladost residential district and to Sofia Airport were being built, adding that their launch in 2014 was expected to boost the number of passengers by around 90 000 to a total of 380 000.

Bratoev noted that the third subway line was to bring 170 000 new passengers in 2018, provided that it was built in its entirety, or 110 000 extra passengers, provided that only the central part was built. …
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