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My ISTE Live 2021 TakeawaysAge: 7 hours

Sealed in 30 June 2021 18:25:10 Opened at: 01 July 2021 01:15:00
To the Future Me... (My Family/Friends/Loved Ones)
Some insights that i got from my experience of ISTE Live 2021
We are here because there is work to be done!
We deal in opportunity!

We can make a change where we are at... our classroom.

What is the way we are doing things? Re-imagining approaches.

Reflective Questioning. Data-driven innovation.

Nice does not create change... Kindness does.

Realize that you are an innovator.

"Innovation is soulless if it does not speak to the human condition"

Dr. Cardona
From Urgency to Agency... Let us not go back!

Let us be good stewards... of the new and continuous innovations!

Adaptability is the norm... We have to evolve quicker.

Let us support one another. Share best practices...

Let us not be complacient...
Take care of yourself.

Get creative... Evolve faster.

Future of Education is about you!
Technology is just an end... Inspiring teachers are the means.

Technology can be a window to us to make change.
How do we support change?

Cyber friendship
What we want the kids to do... Not what not to do!
Maybe Computer Science and Civics should be the same?

VR is the ultimate Empathy Tool.
- Derek Ham

Future forward educator
Being present but preparing for the future.

Learn from the past, be grateful for the present, look forward for the future.

One thing teacher should take...
- Be easy on yourselves
- Keep doing what you are doing
- Keep allowing students to dream
- Think Big!
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