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Life routeAge: 2 weeks

Sealed in 11 April 2023 09:37:49 Opened at: 23 April 2023 06:30:00
Welcome darling you worked so hard.
May be god bless you my child ????
HOWare you
Did you eat something
Have you learned how to sing Sur and talk
Have you understand the mystery of dhloabira sign board.
Have you completed your basics of hacking
How is your life going
Is saloni again steped in your life and teasing u.
How is sanem.
Did you maked any new friend.
Don't worry if life is not going well
Just remember.
"An aeroplane doesn't fly on the direction of air is going it's fly on its route and face the ait pressure in the sky".
Don't worry if you are angry or frustrated ???? with your acting class colleagues.
Do you know we are so excited that you maked it and now you are here to get what you want use this wisely just think a moment is there any need to again start those stupid things.
I 'm just guiding you.
Take care.
You know just take help from sanem she will help you in every problems
She is trustworthy girl ????
Love you baee????
<apna Dhyan rkhna it's okay if you are suffering from lack of confidence and confusions.
Don't worry everything will be alright.
Gosh yaar it's been so long yaar since we are talking
Btw which dramas are you watching
Which movie you liked the much in this days.
Yaar I think mujhe Iska opening date 23rd April hi rkhna Chiya I think it will be good so now it's fixed
So boom I'm here in 23rd April
Don't try anything to open ???? this before the fixed date I will be upset.
But I know you are not going to do this
I know you are reading this on the 23rd April
I proud of you are a good boy.
At the end I'm signing off
You're lovely past and future ????
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