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Sealed in 07 November 2015 15:39:44
Opened at: 09 November 2015 16:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin UFC Fight Night 77: Belfort vs. Henderson 3 MMA Revenge Predictions

Middleweight: Vitor Belfort def. Dan Henderson via Submission (americana)

Light Heavyweight: Glover Teixeira def. Patrick Cummins via Decision (unanimous)

Bantamweight: Thomas Almeida def. Anthony Birchak via KO (knee and punches)

Lightweight: Alex Oliveira def. Piotr Hallmann via Submission (rear-naked choke)

Lightweight: Rashid Magomedov def. Gilbert Burns via Decision (unanimous)

Light Heavyweight: Corey Anderson def. Fabio Maldonado via KO (punches & elbows)

KO of the Night: Corey Anderson
Submission of the Night: Vitor Belfort
Fight of the Night: Glover Teixeira vs. Patrick Cummins

Age: 2 days Observers 0 Views : 1027 Owner: The ProCop
Owner: The ProCop
Sealed in 17 June 2015 10:58:13
Opened at: 31 October 2015 18:30:00
Sealed with Dogecoin

dogecoin market cap will reach 100 000 000 usd

Age: 5 months Observers 0 Views : 1060 Owner:
Sealed in 19 October 2015 12:50:13
Opened at: 26 October 2015 07:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin Nucler Engineer M.T. KESHE: 10% of the world will no longer need gas by the end of October

The Keshe Foundation has been promising some type of free energy prototype since at least 2013, and now it looks like they are about to deliver in an absolutely game-changing move.

The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.

The Foundation’s latest promise is epic. Keshe is inviting the Pope, and other world ambassadors to attend an October 16th meeting in Rome, Italy, wherein they will introduce the concept of ‘free energy for world peace.’

Tiny, shoe-boxed sized ‘plasma units’ will be delivered in grand scale so that at least 10 percent of the world will now be free from the strangle-hold of the cabal’s dirty oil money. As the devices are used, and the open-source plans for how to make them are disseminated, there will soon be no need for fossil fuels to power anything.

You can watch Mr. Keshe talking about this in RAW video footage here:

Keshe explains that plasma is ‘how the Universe works.’ According to Kauilapele:

“Italy has already ordered over 1,000,000 units. China is jumping on this with both feet. The Saudi Prince was told to stop filling oil tankers because he’ll have nowhere to sell it.

Keshe says 10% of the world will no longer need gas by the end of October. This is divine activity being seen on a 3rd level. Obama was given a plasma unit on the 24th of September with the understanding that if America does not accept peace for energy, Keshe sends his patents out to the world. The illuminati’s backs are against a very big wall.”

If Keshe is sincere, the entire world is about to experience freedom unlike it has seen in thousands of years.


Age: 7 days Observers 0 Views : 1086 Owner: The Ke$he Foundation
Owner: The Ke$he Foundation
Sealed in 24 July 2015 14:51:57
Opened at: 24 October 2015 09:00:00
Tyson Fury vicious KO boring Wladimir Klitschko heavyweight WBA IBF WBO title fight Tyson Fury ends the reign of ‘boring’ Wladimir Klitschko with a vicious KO

Tyson Fury accused Wladimir Klitschko of being as charismatic as his underwear when the two met in Düsseldorf on Tuesday in the buildup to their world title heavyweight fight in October.

Fury’s 24-0 record will be tested when he gets in the ring with the WBA, IBF and WBO champion Klitschko, who has not been defeated in 11 years, in Germany.

Fury’s opening address at the press conference was fairly low key by his usual outspoken standards but Klitschko’s suggestion that the fight was not personal for him helped coax the Wilmslow man out of his shell.

“It’s a personal mission for me to rid boxing of a boring person like you,” he said. “I’m interested in all of them belts you’ve got on there. I’m interested in breaking your face in. You’re boring, I want to rid you out of the heavyweight division.

“Your jab-and-grab style – surely all of Europe wants to see you get beaten and all of Europe and the rest of the world will see you get beaten.

“You have about as much charisma as my underpants – zero, none. You go on – you’re a sports psychologist, you speak 37 different languages, so what? You’re still a robotic person. You’re still not exciting and fun to watch. I am the new blood in the division, you are an old man.”

It had earlier been revealed the 39-year-old Klitschko had agreed terms on a five-fight deal with German television, an announcement that prompted Fury to query if he would assume that contract once he had defeated him.

However, the 26-year-old was largely more contemplative as he looked ahead to a world-title shot he believes has been long overdue.

“I believe he has never faced a challenge like me ever before and I don’t think he will face a challenge like me again,” Fury said. “I’m a unique fighter, one of a kind, there’s never been someone like me before in history. A fighter like me only comes around every 1,000 years.”

Klitschko declared himself a fan of Fury’s Marmite personality, admitting that while he had not studied his previous bouts yet, his in-ring antics amused him.

He referenced a clip of Fury punching himself during one fight but also stressed he thinks the challenger is confident he can upset him in three months’ time.

The Ukrainian said: “I believe Tyson Fury is really meaning what he is talking about and he is definitely not coming here on October 24 just to be present and be on the canvas. No, he came here to win the championship fight.

“This guy is so entertaining. He sings, he dances, he is a cool dude. He does different things that people like – or hate. Some people adore you, some people say they can’t stand you, which is good.”


Age: 3 months Observers 0 Views : 1369 Owner: GoKOu
Owner: GoKOu
Sealed in 19 October 2015 13:05:04
Opened at: 23 October 2015 03:15:00
Sealed with Dogecoin UFC Fight Night 76: Poirier vs. Duffy MMA Irish Octagon Prediction

Lightweight: Joseph Duffy def. Dustin Poirier via Submission (rear-naked choke)

Flyweight: Louis Smolka def. Patrick Holohan via TKO (head kick)

Lightweight: Reza Madadi def. Norman Parke via Submission (wallet snitch)

Welterweight: Darren Till def. Nicolas Dalby via KO (Punches & Elbows)

Submission of the Night: Joseph Duffy

Joseph Duffy will officially challenge Conor McGregor. McGregor will jump to the octagon, ready to fight at the moment and will rip off his suit like a gorilla. In few days Duffy will be announced as the next McGregor's opponent, after the fight of the Notorious with Aldo.

Age: 4 days Observers 0 Views : 960 Owner: The ProCop
Owner: The ProCop
Sealed in 29 October 2014 06:22:40
Opened at: 21 October 2015 06:00:00
Hendo Hoverboard World first levitation board back to the futureSealed with Dogecoin HENDO opens the BIG Hover Event - delivering the first set of production Hendo Hoverboards

Hendo is introducing the world's first REAL hoverboard and hover developer kit. They are putting hover technology in YOUR hands. Their Goal was $250 000, but currently there are $378 207 pledged, and there is almost 1 year to the premiere date. I predict - they will gain $500,000 more and will start the new generation of X-Games. Probably after 20 years - there will be hoverboards in the Olympics :) But first lets see what will gonna happen on Oct 21st, 2015.
-==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- What we know about the Hoverboard now: Their engineering team has been amazing, rapidly iterating on design after design. In fact, this our 18th prototype, and they continue to make advances week after week.

The magic behind the hoverboard lies in its four disc-shaped hover engines. These create a special magnetic field which literally pushes against itself, generating the lift which levitates our board off the ground.

So where does the HENDO hoverboard stand today (29.10.2014)? Well, about 1 inch off the ground. The prototype is real and it works! But to see it hover in person, and better yet, to defy gravity by riding it, is something you need to experience as well.

"With the support of the Kickstarter community, we all can. We need your help to put the finishing touches on the Hendo Hoverboard, to help us produce them, and to create places to ride them" - said HENDO team in theirs KICKSTARTER page.

Yep, there was a movie. However, their attorneys have told them not to go there. So this is as far as they’ll take it.

The hoverboard is simultaneously fascinating and exhilarating. The enabling technologies existed, but no one had yet been able to align them to bring a hoverboard forth. Hendo has done so, and our hoverboards are working in almost every way we could have imagined. But perfecting it will take a little more time and resources.
-==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==-
-==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==- -==-
Official website:

Age: 12 months Observers 0 Views : 1050 Owner: Ground NoMore
Owner: Ground NoMore
Sealed in 20 October 2014 19:49:54
Opened at: 21 October 2015 01:15:00
Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly Emmett doc Brown arrive in 2015Sealed with Dogecoin Back to the Future Part II (1989): Marty McFly and "Doc" Brown arrive in 2015 to prevent McFly's future son from ending up in jail

"Back to the Future Part II" (1989) Plot: On October 26, 1985, "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) arrives in his flying DeLorean time machine and persuades Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker (Elizabeth Shue) to come back to the future with him to help their future children. Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson) witnesses their departure. They arrive on October 21, 2015, where Doc electronically hypnotizes Jennifer and leaves her asleep in an alley, explaining that she should not have too much knowledge of future events. Doc has Marty pose as his son Marty McFly, Jr. to refuse an offer to participate in a robbery with Biff's grandson, Griff.

Marty switches places with his son and refuses Griff's offer, but Griff goads Marty into a fight. After Griff and his gang crash into the local courthouse, they are arrested, saving Marty's future children. Before rejoining Doc, Marty purchases Grays Sports Almanac, a book detailing the results of major sporting events from 1950 to 2000. Doc discovers the book and warns Marty about attempting to profit from time travel, but before Doc can adequately dispose of the almanac, they are interrupted by the police, who have found Jennifer incapacitated and are taking her to her 2015 home. They pursue, as does 2015 Biff, who has overheard their conversation.

Jennifer wakes up in her 2015 home and hides from the McFly family. She overhears that her future self's life with Marty is not what she expected, due to Marty's involvement in a car accident. She sees 2015 Marty being goaded into a shady business deal by his co-worker Needles (Flea), causing Marty to be dismissed. Escaping the house, Jennifer encounters her 2015 self and they both faint. While Marty and Doc attend to Jennifer, Biff steals the time machine and uses it to travel back to 1955 and give the sports almanac to his younger self to get rich betting, then returns to 2015. Marty, Doc, and an unconscious Jennifer return to 1985, unaware of Biff's actions.
Full Plot here: ======= Official website:

Age: 12 months Observers 2 Has 1 observer Views : 1135 Owner: Dagger_69
Owner: Dagger_69
Sealed in 06 August 2015 21:52:49
Opened at: 05 October 2015 03:00:00
London legendary Double-decker buses going green hybrid engine zero carbon emissions The first fully electric London doubledecker bus enters service

London mayor Boris Johnson announces the trial of all-electric bus on route 16 between Cricklewood and Victoria station.

The first fully electric London doubledecker bus will enter service in October, as transport authorities try to reduce the capital’s air pollution levels.

Transport for London said the Chinese-built bus would be the the world’s first purpose-built electric doubledecker.

Until now the battery technology has rendered electric doubledeckers too heavy and expensive, but TfL believes the latest development will be transformational for emissions and air quality.

Peter Hendy, London’s transport commissioner, said of the move to an electric fleet: “It’s essential because the air in your city isn’t clean enough. But it’s only going to be possible if the prices are affordable and the operating costs bearable.”

The buses will run on route 16, which operates between Cricklewood, north-west London, and Victoria station.

On Monday the capital joined dozens of cities around the world in committing to green vehicles, to give bus manufacturers confidence to develop and mass-produce the technology to make electric buses affordable.

At a global clean bus summit at City Hall in London, 24 cities pledged to roll out 40,000 low-emission buses by the end of the decade.

TfL promised that all new buses in London would comply with the ultra-low emission zone that comes into effect from 2020 – a tacit admission that the first hybrid Routemasters commissioned by the mayor, Boris Johnson, will breach the zone’s limits, and are more polluting than the vehicles that have now become available.

More singledecker electric buses will join the eight trialled in south London since 2013.

Johnson said London was a fitting place for the trials of electric doubledeckers, as electric buses had run on its streets more than a century ago, before the London Electrobus company collapsed in 1909.

As a cyclist, he said, he would welcome following an electric bus rather than “the throbbing, belching machines that emit their fumes like wounded war-elephants”.

Oxford Street, the main shopping thoroughfare which is a major bus artery through central London, was found by air quality experts at Kings College London to have some of the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide pollution in the world.

While TfL was claiming a world first, York has been running a converted electric doubledecker sightseeing bus on a battery since 2014.


Age: 2 months Observers 0 Views : 1154 Owner: Deitrich Creedy
Owner: Deitrich Creedy
Sealed in 03 October 2015 17:00:17
Opened at: 04 October 2015 21:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson MMA Octagon Predictions

Main Card

Light Heavyweight: Daniel Cormier (c) def. Alexander Gustafsson via Unanimous Decision
Light Heavyweight: Ryan Bader def. Rashad Evans via KO (suplex and punches)
Heavyweight: Ruslan Magomedov def. Shawn Jordan via TKO (punches)
Flyweight: Joseph Benavidez def. Ali Bagautinov via Submission (triangle choke)
Women's Bantamweight: Julianna Peña def. Jessica Eye via TKO (punches and elbows)

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Featherweight: Dan Hooker def. Yair Rodríguez via TKO (doctor stoppage)
Welterweight: Alan Jouban def. Albert Tumenov via KO (punch)
Lightweight: Islam Makhachev def. Adriano Martins via Submission (inverted triangle choke)
Women's Strawweight: Rose Namajunas def. Angela Hill via Decision (unanimous)

Fight of the Night: Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson
KO of the Night: Alan Jouban
Submission of the Night: Joseph Benavidez

Age: 1 day Observers 0 Views : 986 Owner: The ProCop
Owner: The ProCop
Sealed in 25 September 2014 22:03:31
Opened at: 01 October 2015 04:00:00
Otsuka Pocari Sweet Lunar Dream Capsule Project Chldren Dreams first advertise on MoonSealed with Dogecoin Otsuka’s POCARI SWEAT will deliver all children’s dreams 380,000KM to the moon

Otsuka’s POCARI SWEAT Aims the Very First Moon Landing
Private Firms Take the Lead in the Start of “LUNAR DREAM CAPSULE PROJECT”.

The first private moon-landing project has started. In the world’s beverage history, a time capsule will be delivered to the moon, containing dreams of children, along with POCARI SWEAT as a symbol of our precious water, delivering the message that "dream is always close to our hands."

With hopes that children interested in space and the moon will one day challenge landing on the moon, a tour to primary schools in and out of Japan will be done to gather dreams of children from around the world.

A smartphone app to enable virtual messaging to the moon is also launched.


The DREAM CAPSULE to be delivered to the moon is made out of titanium, shaped like a POCARI SWEAT can, and weighs 1,000g. To continuously endure the harsh environment of the moon where the temperature shifts from minus 170℃ at night to 110℃ during the day, the capsule was developed specifically for this project. The messages to be put inside the capsule are dreams of children gathered from visits to primary schools in and out of Japan. Messages are also accepted via the project website (

The gathered handwritten messages will be stored as data in 120 titanium plates to be packaged in the DREAM CAPSULE. Using the DREAM RING as a key, the DREAM CAPSULE can easily be unlocked. Copies of the DREAM RING will be handed to children upon message gathering. 10 of the original DREAM RINGs will be stored within the corporations of LUNAR DREAM Executive Committee.

More info:
Official website of the project:

Age: 12 months Observers 0 Views : 1142 Owner: Otsuka
Owner: Otsuka

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