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GTA SA Any% сейчас саб-4. А? А? А?

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Is now sub-4

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Minki`s timecapsule



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IOS blocking password (세로로 읽어야함 - 둘 중 하나)

IOS blocking password (세로로 읽어야함 - 둘 중 하나)

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Owner: Minki (
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Sealed with Dogecoin PROJECT TALOS delivers a future generation combat suit to US Special Forces

The United States military could soon have its very own Iron Man suit. The prototype is set to debut within weeks. The suit is a robotic exoskeleton designed to enhance human abilities in battle. Time will tell how well it compares to Tony Stark’s superhero suit, but the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) is being devised to assist its wearer in lifting heavy loads, protect them from bullets and provide the lucky soldier with information concerning their environment using sensors, cameras and advanced displays. TALOS will have bulletproof armor, 360-degree cameras with built-in night vision capabilities, sensors that can detect injuries and apply wound-sealing foam.

Admiral McRaven, the Commander of USSOCOM, has tasked the TALOS Team with delivering a first generation combat suit that provides evolutionary improvement to survivability and endurance no later than 20 June 2014. The first independently operational combat suit prototype and associated support equipment, yielding a revolutionary improvement in operator capability, lethality and survivability has been directed to be delivered no later than 30 July 2018.

In Greek mythology Talos was a giant man, or according to others maybe a bull, made of bronze that guarded the island of Crete. This giant was given the task of patrolling the island by walking around three times a day. Talos would drive pirates from the shore with a fiery death embrace or by throwing rocks.

TALOS is being developed by engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the United States Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM), as well as other researchers at other academic institutions and businesses. The suit’s technology will be rigorously tested. According to William McRaven, head of the United States Special Operations Command, military personnel hopes to have operational systems join in battle no later than August 2018. If the suit is done correctly it will produce a revolutionary improvement in capability and survivability for special operations.

The TALOS project started out as a way to explore how modern technology can be used to protect special operations officers better in combat zones. McRaven said,

This technology could give American soldiers a huge comparative advantage over our enemies and give our warriors the protection they need. With all the advances in modern technology, I know we can do better.

With so much technology at our hands it definitely sounds as if the U.S. military will have a totally different look and feel in the near future. Who knows, perhaps robotic soldiers may eventually outnumber human soldiers. This news of the Iron Man prototype debuting next month makes this seem like a real possibility.

Official website of the project:

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Owner: Dagger_69
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Sealed with Dogecoin FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 Blyat prediction

Quarter finals:

England 2:2 Sweden (2:3 after 120mins)

Russia 1:3 Croatia (Smolov, Rakitic, Rakitic, Mandzukic)

SEMI finals:

France 1:1 Belgium (5:6 after penalties, Mbappe misses the crucial one)

Sweden 0:2 Croatia (Modric, Perisic)


Belgium 2:3 Croatia (ALL TIME greatest world cup final in the UEAF history)

Goal scorers: Mertens, Mandzukic, Modric, Hazard, VRSALJKO)

Age: 1 week Observers 0 Views : 306 Owner: Dagger_69
Owner: Dagger_69
Sealed in 14 July 2017 08:57:05
Opened at: 14 July 2018 08:45:00
Sealed with Dogecoin Mitachi swore he won't go to lunch in the Memory never again

Лог от чата в "Обяд А, У?" от днес:

[11:50:19 AM] Dimitar Dreharov: guys
[11:50:20 AM] Dimitar Dreharov: tr?
[11:50:30 AM] Жоро Про: може, може
[11:50:31 AM] Dimitar Dreharov: ne sum hodil ot 300000000 godini
[11:50:32 AM] Dimitar Dreharov: :D
[11:50:40 AM] Dimitar Dreharov: (svetlinni)
[11:50:43 AM] Dimitar Dreharov: (cwl)
[11:50:49 AM] Жоро Про: :D
[11:50:49 AM] ti6o_69: след незабравимото Memory от вчера, как може да не искаш да повторим Митак
[11:51:04 AM] Dimitar Dreharov: N E V E R A G A I N

Обещаното си е обещано Митачи, я да видим дали си го спазил :P

Age: 12 months Observers 0 Views : 286 Owner: Mitachi Will
Owner: Mitachi Will
Sealed in 28 June 2018 13:21:18
Opened at: 28 June 2018 20:45:00
Sealed with Dogecoin FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 - England vs Belgium will take their final positions in the group via number of yellow cards

[16:06] Влад: днес ще е много интересно между Англия и Белгия
и двата отбора са с еднакви показатели
като се гледат жълтите картони
предвид че и двата отбора ще искат да избегнат силни съперници
ще искат да паднат тоя мач
ама няма как да стане при 0:0
никой няма да иска да вкарва
и единственият начин да станеш втори е да имаш повече жълти картони
очаквам доста груб мач :D

[16:10] Влад: всъщност има още един вариант
да направят рекорд по автоголове

Прогноза: Англия 5:4 Белгия (резултат за жълти картони)

Прогноза 2: Англия 2:1 Белгия (брой автоголове в мача)

Age: 7 hours Observers 0 Views : 333 Owner: VDL
Owner: VDL
Sealed in 03 August 2014 21:37:50
Opened at: 14 June 2018 21:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin Good women will be hard to find, but still better than the android ones in 2017

Movie "Cherry 2000" Plot: In the future, a man travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose. When successful businessman Sam Treadwell finds that his android wife, Cherry model 2000 has blown a fuse, he hires sexy renegade tracker E. Johnson to find her exact duplicate. But as their journey to replace his perfect mate leads them into the treacherous and lawless region of 'The Zone', Treadwell learns the hard way that the perfect woman is made not of computer chips and diodes, but of real flesh and blood!

More info here:

Age: 47 months Observers 0 Views : 802 Owner: Dagger_69
Owner: Dagger_69
Sealed in 08 May 2015 06:27:47
Opened at: 10 June 2018 03:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin JAXA: Japan is the fourth country in the world to land on the moon

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is set to move forward with a plan to go to the moon, landing an unmanned probe on the lunar surface as early as 2018. If JAXA is successful, this would make Japan the fourth country in the world to land on the moon.

Aside from the distinction of being one of the few countries to have reached the moon, Japan's lunar trip will also mark further preparations for exploring Mars. According to sources, JAXA will be developing a high-precision soft-landing technology to aid the mission. It will be called SLIM, standing for Smart Lander for Investigating Moon, and will use Epsilon solid-fuel rockets.

JAXA's plan for a moon landing was presented to an expert panel made up of officials in the country's Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry. If the space policy committee of the Japanese government approves the plan, this will prompt the science ministry to request funding for the project, dealing with budgetary requests for the coming fiscal year.

Moon landing attempts in the past were unsuccessful because they missed their landing targets by some miles. With the use of SLIM, though, JAXA is hoping it will be able to pull off a soft landing within the intended landing site's 328-feet radius.

In 2007, JAXA launched the lunar orbiter, Kaguya. During its time in space, the orbiter took photos of craters and other distinct features of the moon. The next landing mission will be using data gathered by Kaguya to better determine locations and increase landing accuracy.

The lunar orbiter also discovered a shaft in the moon's surface about 196 feet in diameter and 262 feet deep. The shaft is being considered as a location for a moon base in the future and a potential landing site for the 2018 mission.

Japan showed it has what it takes to develop advanced landing technology through the Hayabusa probe, which has been landed on the Itokawa asteroid. However, gravity levels on an asteroid are different from levels on the moon, meaning different technology will have to be developed to allow JAXA to land on the moon.

Aside from landing on the lunar surface with the SLIM probe, Japan also has plans of sending a rover to the moon by the end of 2016. A private sector project, it will require landing craft and rockets built by an American company.

The other nations to have successfully landed unmanned probes on the moon are China, the former Soviet Union and the United States.


JAXA official website:

Age: 38 months Observers 0 Views : 841 Owner: Andreas san
Owner: Andreas san

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