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Sealed with Dogecoin Успя ли Анна Дамаскова да събере средствата, нуждни да учи в университета на Джордж Лукас



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Owner: Dagger_69
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Caffeine attacks.

You care about me, right? And, you do understand that while I'm completely 110% unaware of what i /want/, I know that I want it with you. Like, i'm not trying to bring you home, or call you mine but at the end of the day, I wait for you to acknowledge me. Maybe i'm just lonely, and you're around. Maybe it's because I took you for granted our two months together.
We also only had two months?????? why do i act like we had years and years like you traded me in as soon as Amber came thru. And what? Because we still hung out occassionally it counted?

you met Allie, and it was So weird for me. I was SO worried what she was going to say. If I don't want anything with you, why do I put myself in these situations?

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Owner: golden
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Owner: B
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TI 9

TI 9 OG juara 1.

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Owner: Eyang Kibung
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Opened at: 23 August 2019 21:59:06
the thing


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Owner: puh
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real iOS screentime password



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Owner: b
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- barely texts me
- asks harvir for advice, texts elvin to hang out (before me for both btw) not that i give a fuck about those betas
- asks me if I want to hang out with "harvir and her" when it should be asking me first, then asking harvir if he wants to hang out
- just imagine if it reversed there is NO way harvir would ask you to hang out first, then ask helen if she wants to hang out
- I get that you're busy but for me, after a long day, the one thing i would want to do is to talk to someone I enjoy talking to, complain about it all
- no matter how busy you are, theres always time
- entire day, goes through a one hour lunch break without sending me shit
- at the end of your class, i expect a text, open it, and its fucking streaks
- and then dead silence until right before you sleep, some "oh sorry amd good night" like shit yeah thats makes me feel so affectionated huh
- Even in vietnam, I was busy all day, but whenever i was free even for a bit, i was thinking of opportunities to text you
- you would maybe text me once a day, then reply hours later after i reply so i cant even have a real conversation
- always saying you missed me but shit if you really missed someone you would show it not just through emojis
- when i broke my phone you could probably imagine i was fucking bored and imagine my reaction when i check my msgs ONCE a day and its FUCKING STREAKS or its some 5 second answer with "good night" like thats fucking interesting what did u do all day chilling at home huh
- its not because OH i need fucking snaps, its because it shows it shows it fucking shows that hey maybe you're thinking about me, its the thought not the action that counts i could care less about what we talk about
- and what makes this worse is that they say hey maybe the girl just isnt that into texting in general but then when I'm with you, everytime I leave for a second you're checking all your social media so shit i know you're a texter so its not that
- And through all of this my rational part of the brain is saying that hey you're overthinking it, you're being kindof clingy, why don't you find your own life and fuck I 100% do have my own life but theres not a single person in the world that is so busy that they cannot even text
- I listen to that rationl part of my brain and I back off, but my gut is giving me signs
- one more thing - I'm always the one making plans.asking about your schedule - sure you can take me as a +1 to a party but LOL that is not your plan
-oh im too tired to hang out that to me sounds like such bullshit but hey maybe i'm just insensitive and not empathtic but please fucking explain how you can be so tired that you cant get picked up from your house, sit in a fucking theatre and watch a movie or you cant sit in a fucking restaurant eating free fucking food
-when we can hang out only once a week and you're cold every day except that few times we call its really annoying
- I think I'm perhaps being a bit too clingy but I know there is no fucking way that this is normal because eileen is in china right now and she is texting her boyfriend constantly and yes thats a bit much but FUCK can I get just a bit? LIKE just give me a bit a bit a bit
- FUCK you say you love me and I say I love you but it feels like I'm the only one that realy cares FUCK i'm durnk and im mad and everthing about you is so perfect except thisand it makes me want to kms
- mann and ive told you this before perhaps a bit more subtly but you haven't changed
- oh and you never send pictures of your face, or you in general like fuck i dont want to see your fucking white walls of your house isnt that fucking common sense
- its 4 am and perhaps ill regret this but it feels good typing it now so fuck it i have enough pride to say what i think

Age: 6 hours Observers 0 Views : 231 Owner: a guy that is tired
Owner: a guy that is tired
Sealed in 06 August 2019 18:20:47
Opened at: 06 August 2019 19:00:00


Age: 39 minutes Observers 0 Views : 133 Owner: Chandler Marchello
Owner: Chandler Marchello
Sealed in 10 July 2019 09:56:21
Opened at: 02 August 2019 16:00:00
Aarynn 1st Round Draft Pick / Keeper Choice

Keeping Melvin Gordon

Age: 3 weeks Observers 0 Views : 127

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