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Thetimecapsule.org is a new free service, that allows you to make your own time capsule and post it online.
Using of our servicies doesn't require registration, or any subscription.


Your time capsule will be opened at the time you specify, in 1 hour or 100 years. You can set your time capsule to be public or private. Public time capsules will be shown on the website's timeline, when their sealing time is up. The private ones will remain hidden from the timeline. You can add an e-mail address (your or the one's to whom is addressed the time capsule). This email will receive a notification, when the time capsule is opened. You can specify and the owner name (this, who seals the time capsule or this to whom is addressed the time capsule). When you click the green button "seal", your time capsule's information will be encrypted and put in our data bases. There will be shown a unique url address, where you will be able to see how much time remains, until your time capsule's opening.

The Time Capsule Timeline Stages The Time Capsule Timeline Stages short version


The second button in the website's navigation, Upcoming Capsules, leads to a wide list with the most interesting and significant time capsules ever posted in this site. We choose them, based on various complex reasons: popularity, importance, creativity, ingenious ideas, owner's reputation, number of observers, search results, comments. When a time capsule goes to the Upcoming page, it receives a thumbnail image. This thumbnail could be made by us or the owners by themselves. In the second case - the images should pass our approval. When the end date of a capsule from the upcomng stream comes, it will be moved on the main timeline of the website. It will still has its thumbnail, which will show, that this capsule is important and it comes from the up stream. Everyone could be featured in our Upcoming stream page - just be creative, innovative, share with more observers and seal only the important future. You can tell us about your time capsule, in order to participate for the upcoming stream. May be one day your time capsule will make a better future.


Once your time capsule is sealed, it can be seen only at its unique url address. There will be shown the title, the sealing date, the opening date and the remaining time. Also in the time capsule's page there is an option, which allows other people to observe the time capsule. To become an time capsule's observer, first you need to open the unique url address. Then you have to add your e-mail in the observer's field in the lower side of the page. And then click on the blue button "Become an observer". This means, when the sealing time of the time capsule is up, every observer's email will receive a notification with info about the unique url, owner's name, sealing and opening time. In every time capsule's page there is observers counter. Depending on this counter, every time capsule will gain rank. There are five ranks as it follows:

De Lorean

De Lorean: 1  -  9 observers

Terminator T-800

Terminator: 10  -  49 observers

Mayan Shaman

Mayan Shaman: 50  -  149 observers

Vanga - babushka psychic

Vanga: 150  -  499 observers


Nostradamus: 500  -




  • Who will win at your favorite sports game
  • Who will be the next world champion
  • Who will set the next world record
  • Who will win the next elections
  • Who will win your favorite tv reality/contest this season
  • Who is the killer in your favorite crime series
  • Who will survive in your favorite tv series
  • Who will win the next Oscars
  • Who will win the next Nobel Prize
  • How much your stock will worth in the next month/year
  • How much your favorite cryptocurrency will cost tomorrow
  • How much muscle you will gain in the next 6 months
  • How long will be your relationship with your crush
  • How long you will be friendzoned
  • I will start training at the gym from monday
  • I will quit smoking/alchohol from monday
  • I will start learning from monday
  • When you will graduate a college
  • When you will get a PhD
  • When you will get your dream job
  • When you will get your dream car
  • When you will get your own house
  • When you will have your first child
  • When you will get your own company
  • When you will go to your favorite tourist destination
  • When you will pay off the mortgage
  • What will your kid be, when they grow up
  • Will you ever get married
  • Will you ever get rich
  • Will you ever get famous
  • Will you ever overcome your big fears
  • Will you ever fly to the space
  • Will NASA find extraterrestrial life form

  • Will the truth about MH370 be revealed someday
  • Will the truth about JFK assasination be revealed
  • Will humans land on Mars

  • Will the truth about 9/11 be revealed someday
  • When will end the war in Ukraine
  • When will end the war with ISIS
  • When will be produced cure for cancer
  • When will be produced cure for AIDS
  • When will be produced cure for ALS
  • When will be produced cure for Ebola
  • When we will be able to predict earthquakes
  • Predict the weather/climate changes
  • When we will stop the global warming
  • When we will drive flying cars
  • When we will be able to teleport
  • When we will be able to time travel
  • When androids will start to live amongst us


  • Birthdays
  • Books premiers
  • Celebrations
  • Anniversary
  • Sports events
  • Elections date
  • Movies/Theatre plays premiers
  • Music Concerts / Album premier
  • TV Shows premiers
  • Dating with your crush
  • Job interviews / Meetings
  • Doctor/Dentist appointment
  • Dead line of your work project
  • Debt/ Payment/ Taxes/ Fine/ Penalty
  • PC/PS/XBOX/Wii new games releases
  • Apple/Android/Windows devices premier
  • Your favorite car's next model premier
  • Next Gen IT devices premier
  • Scheduled super buildings completion
  • Scheduled medicine achievements
  • Scheduled NASA/ESA/Roscosmos events
  • Scheduled World Health Organization events
  • Scheduled Greenpeace events
  • Scheduled UN/G7 events
  • Asteroid/Comet/ passing; Supermoon/Sun Eclipse
  • End of your father/brother/son's military mission
  • The exact date from sci-fi movie/book
  • Disclosure of top-secret documents
  • Surprise message to a friend/family member in the future
  • Reveal secret/evidence to someone
  • Say something important to your future self
  • Warranty / Due date / Expiration date


  • Friday the 13th. When?
  • Wishes upon thrown coin in Trevi/other magical fountain
  • Black cats - bad luck. When?
  • Found four-leaf clover - good luck. When?
  • Broken mirror - unhappy love. Until when?
  • Wishes upon falling star
  • Wishes upon birthday cake's candles
  • Itchy palms - money. When?
  • Itchy feet's bottom - trip. Where? When?
  • If your nose itches, someone is coming to see you. Who? When?
  • Dreams predictions
  • Fortune teller's predictions
  • Astrology/Zodiac predictions
  • Fortune cookies predictions
  • Wishes to Santa
  • Legacy / Will / Promise
  • First item the baby grabs will determine his/her future.
  • The woman,who catches the bouquet at a wedding,will be the next bride.
  • Proving Time Traveling - predicting the future, sealed in the past
  • Send a message to your family, in some time after you've passed away

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