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Sealed with Dogecoin Mayor's prediction: All 300 single-deck buses in central London will be zero emission at tailpipe

The world’s first purpose-built purely electric double-decker bus will enter passenger service in London this year, Mayor Boris Johnson announced today, as he hosted representatives and major bus manufacturers from across the globe at City Hall for the first ever global Clean Bus Summit.

The Clean Bus Summit and new trial underlines the Mayor’s continuing efforts to reduce emissions from London’s bus fleet, which is already one of the cleanest in the world. And thanks to today’s summit, following London’s example will become more affordable for more cities.

In a major step forward, bus manufacturers including BYD, Volvo, Wright Bus, Optare Mercedes Evo Bus and Alexander Dennis attended the summit and committed to supporting cities in delivering fleets of new ultra-low emission buses. The World Bank and Green Investment Bank have also signed up to this commitment. This builds on the Global Clean Bus Declaration, developed by the Mayor in partnership with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, launched in Buenos Aires in March 2015. Four additional cities - Amsterdam, Lima, Catalonia (Barcelona) and Rome – signed up to the declaration, which is still open for additional signatories, at today’s London summit.

Reductions in capital costs for new technologies like electric and hydrogen buses will be key in achieving their wider deployment. The clear commitment by more than 24 cities and 10 non-C40 supporting cities to introducing ultra-low emission buses into their fleets will help demonstrate the demand needed to boost supply and affordability. Working with bus manufacturers to accelerate the roll out of these cutting edge vehicles is a win-win for governments and their citizens, who get to enjoy the benefits of lower carbon and air pollution emissions savings achieved in a cost-effective way.

Since 2008, the Mayor has rolled out more than 1,300 hybrid electric buses, retrofitted more than 1,400 buses to reduce their emissions by up to 88 per cent and developed the New Routemaster, one of the cleanest double deck buses of its type in the world. There will be 800 New Routemasters on London’s streets by 2016 and they will reduce CO2 emissions in the Capital by around 27,500 tonnes a year.

This is part of the Mayor’s plan to halve NOx emissions from the bus fleet by the end of his term in office in 2016, compared to 2008. Cleaner buses have contributed to important steps forward in air quality for Londoners, including halving the number of Londoners living in areas above nitrogen dioxide limits, and a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions by 20 per cent and emissions of particulate matter down by 15 per cent.

Many believed that a purely electric double-deck bus would not be possible due to the size of battery packs required to power it. However, by working with BYD and utilising the latest cutting edge technology London has been able to secure another world-first. The new electric double-decker trial will see the zero-emission electric double-deck buses manufactured by BYD enter service on route 16 from October, running between Cricklewood and Victoria Station.

London will also shortly be welcoming two Irizar-manufactured electric single-deck buses. These new models join eight single-deck electric buses manufactured by Optare and BYD which have been used successfully in London’s fleet since 2013. The Capital's first pure electric bus route, the 312 – which runs between Norwood and South Croydon – will also be created later this year.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “The iconic red double-decker bus is about to become greener than ever. I could not be more pleased that London will play host to these exciting pure electric double-deck buses, and I’m sure the lucky users of route 16 will embrace it with gusto. London is a world leader in clean buses but we can’t do it alone, and events like this Clean Bus Summit are key to making further progress.”

As part of his Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) proposals, Mayor Johnson has committed that by 2020 all 300 single-deck buses in central London will be zero emission at tailpipe. Furthermore, all 3,300 double deck buses in central London will be Euro VI electric hybrid, with the exception of a small number of Euro V Routemasters which nearly meet the Euro VI standard thanks to their superior design.

In order for there to be enough buses in the fleet to meet these requirements by 2020, TfL has to start procuring these buses now. Accordingly, the Mayor was delighted to confirm at the summit that all new buses joining the central London fleet are now ULEZ-compliant delivering vital emissions benefits well before the 2020 introduction date. This means the buses operating in central London will have to be either zero emission at tailpipe (single deck) or hybrid-electric (double-deck), and will be amongst the cleanest buses in the world.

The capital has also pioneered new technologies such as hydrogen and electric buses. As part of these trials, TfL will be piloting inductive charging technology from October this year. This means buses will be able to wirelessly charge their batteries while they wait at bus stands. The technology will be trialled on three extended range diesel electric hybrid buses in east London on route 69 – which runs between Canning Town and Walthamstow bus stations.

This is a major boost for UK jobs and growth as the UK is a major manufacturer of ultra-low emission buses and supporting technologies. These include Glasgow-based Alexander Dennis, Ballymena-based Wright Bus and Leeds-based Optare. The UK is also a leader in manufacturing retrofit equipment which can significantly reduce, by up to 88 per cent, the NOx emissions of older buses. All of these companies were represented at the summit and participated in an exhibition showing their wares to the international delegates.


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Sealed with Dogecoin Kawaski J Concept - the shape-morphing Ninja steps in the bikers world

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Kawasaki J concept looks like a vehicle just stolen from a futuristic movie.

The latest creation by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer is quite hard to define from a technical standpoint. The J concept looks pretty cool: first priority to mention is with no doubt the three wheels that this motorcycle has. The double front wheels act in two different modalities: in Sport Mode, they are pushed together, so that the vehicle crouches to lower the centre of gravity; in Comfort Mode, instead, the front wheels act separately, so that the vehicle gets more comfortable and stable for the rider.

Other modernist touch is the absence of handlebars, substituted by two levers attached to the front wheels.Powered through an electric motor hooked to a nickel-metal hydride battery, this compact piece of art just looks unbelievable, with transparent light green components rendering it an easily predictable protagonist from the Tron movie.

Even if this amazing creation is not likely to shift into mass production, the leading role it has played at the Tokyo Motor Show was with no doubt well deserved: Kawasaki J is purely outstanding.

President of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine Company Mr Shigehiko Kiyama, said the J concept explores the attractive possibility of an adaptable transport platform that is fun, easy and convenient.

Its these kind of innovations and explorations that push technology which ultimately make our beloved motorcycles better.


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Sealed with Dogecoin Gilang ahmad hanafi


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Algo nuevo

Hola a todos espero que el virus no haya acabado con todos jo jo

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Kapsul Event

eParty Time 515

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Remember me nub

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Dapatkan kapsul secara gratis di mobile legends

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Sealed with Dogecoin i thick granger skin i wish

515 capsule event

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Teleportation Machine.

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