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ma 18 year old ass

okay let's get one thing straight.. you better have a girlfriend by now. or at least have had a girlfriend at one point. and you gotta have had your first kiss istg. and if you're dead i'm going to be very disappointed in you. also DO YOU KNOW YOUR FUCKING SEXUALITY NOW?! DO YOU HAVE A ldskjflsdkfjds BOYFRIEND?!!!! i will smack you if you still don't know. also if you're taken... i'm not so imma be PISSED cause you're not better than me... don't get all full of yourself, you still a dumbass. also you better pay attention in senior year, okay? if you act up imma come out there and smack your ass. if you don't work your ass off.. istg bitch... you're getting into UW or else. and if emily ain't your friend... ISTMFG you're dead to me. what are your pronouns, so i can blast your ass ||respectfully||. anyways... hope you're happy :,)

Age: 31 months Observers 0 Views : 205 Owner: Anushka Arun
Owner: Anushka Arun
Sealed in 30 August 2023 15:12:46
Opened at: 31 August 2023 00:00:00


Age: 9 hours Observers 0 Views : 157
Sealed in 24 August 2020 12:49:07
Opened at: 23 August 2023 15:15:00
Sealed with Dogecoin What will João XXIII be like in the future??

João XXIII will definitely different in the future. It is likely to turn into a small school, but not anytime soon.
I also think that there will be more extracurriculars given by João XXIII. e.g: Debate club, Model UN club.
We will have to keep social distancing when we come back to school.
Our school is bound to give both presential classes and online classes when the state allows schools to restart presential classes.
Only 35% of the students will be allowed to come back to school when we are allowed.

Age: 36 months Observers 1 Has 1 observer Views : 189 Owner: Cecília Dornelles
Owner: Cecília Dornelles
Sealed in 20 August 2023 16:15:50
Opened at: 20 August 2023 19:15:00


Age: 3 hours Observers 0 Views : 259 Owner: theooperator
Owner: theooperator
Sealed in 20 August 2022 07:27:28
Opened at: 20 August 2023 00:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin Hey

Hi future me right now my crush has a boyfriend already and I am going into a depression state hope in the future you get a better girlfriend and always be a great man.

Age: 12 months Observers 0 Views : 197 Owner: Me from the past
Owner: Me from the past
Sealed in 17 August 2023 23:19:51
Opened at: 18 August 2023 01:30:00
Testpasswort no5


Age: 2 hours Observers 0 Views : 174 Owner: BF
Owner: BF
Sealed in 17 August 2023 23:12:26
Opened at: 18 August 2023 01:15:00


Age: 2 hours Observers 0 Views : 156 Owner: BF
Owner: BF
Sealed in 22 August 2022 17:15:19
Opened at: 15 August 2023 00:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin I Know What Happend

I know the world is probably gonna be in the dumps right now.

Age: 12 months Observers 0 Views : 202
Sealed in 08 August 2023 18:51:49
Opened at: 11 August 2023 18:30:00
Wanny’s XI

Onana (Areola)

Estu - Gabriel - Chilwell (Bell, Beyer)

Bruno - Son - Saka - Ødegaard (Anderson)

Haaland - Watkins - Joao Pedro

Age: 3 days Observers 0 Views : 219
Sealed in 03 August 2023 00:23:32
Opened at: 03 August 2023 08:00:00
Bostonboozer timecapsule

Caleb Huntley
Calvin Austin
Chase Brown
Cordarrelle Patterson
Dalton Schultz
De'Von Achane
Derrick Henry
DeWayne McBride
Donovan Peoples-Jones
Elijah Mitchell
J.K. Dobbins
Jelani Woods
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Kenyan Drake
Kyler Murray
Logan Thomas
Matthew Stafford
Michael Carter
Michael Thomas
Nick Westbrook-Ikhine
Rob Gronkowski
Robert Woods
Sam Ehlinger
Tom Brady
Tyler Conklin

Age: 8 hours Observers 0 Views : 317 Owner: BostonBoozer
Owner: BostonBoozer

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