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Sealed in 19 April 2015 07:18:58
Opened at: 19 April 2015 07:18:58
Not an awesome prediction!

I actually don't know what will happen in the future so..

Age: 0 minute Observers 0 Views : 935 Owner: Néstor
Owner: Néstor
Sealed in 10 March 2015 16:53:45
Opened at: 19 April 2015 06:15:00
Sealed with Dogecoin UFC on Fox 15: Machida vs. Rockhold MMA OCTAGON Predictions

Middleweight: Luke Rockhold def. Lyoto Machida via Decision (unanimous)

Middleweight: Ronaldo Jacaré Souza def. Yoel Romero via Submission (rear-naked choke)

Featherweight: Max Holloway def. Cub Swanson via Decision (unanimous)

Women's Strawweight: Felice Herrig def. Paige VanZant via Decision (unanimous)

Submission of the Night: Ronaldo Jacaré Souza

Age: 1 month Observers 0 Views : 906 Owner: The ProCop
Owner: The ProCop
Sealed in 09 April 2015 16:15:57
Opened at: 14 April 2015 23:15:00
Sealed with Dogecoin


Age: 5 days Observers 0 Views : 943
Sealed in 10 March 2015 16:42:49
Opened at: 12 April 2015 04:30:00
Sealed with Dogecoin UFC Fight Night 64: Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2 MMA OCTAGON Prediction

Heavyweight: Mirko Filipović def. Gabriel Gonzaga via KO (head kick)

Light Heavyweight: Jimi Manuwa def. Jan Błachowicz via TKO (punches)

Middleweight: Bartosz Fabiński def. Garreth McLellan via Decision (Split)

Women's Strawweight: Maryna Moroz def. Joanne Calderwood via TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

Age: 1 month Observers 0 Views : 1025 Owner: The ProCop
Owner: The ProCop
Sealed in 03 November 2014 22:44:33
Opened at: 10 April 2015 04:00:00
Kate Middleton Prince William second Royal baby next UK throne candidateSealed with Dogecoin Kate Middleton And Prince William's second Royal Baby is the most famous baby in the world 2015 and the new candidate for the UK throne

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April 2015. She or He? - most people are expecting to be She, but is more likely to be He - the next king of the United Kingdom. About the name - They might look to Kate's family for inspiration. But the most likely route is the royal one. And the name will be - Edward. This is the second most appropriate royal's name after Alexander. But since the full name of the royal baby #1 is George Alexander Louis, only Edward lasts in the line. The royal baby effect will exceed the expectations and the first photos will cost Mirror 15 million pounds.

Age: 5 months Observers 0 Views : 962 Owner: Dumont
Owner: Dumont
Sealed in 10 March 2015 16:30:49
Opened at: 05 April 2015 03:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin UFC Fight Night 63: Mendes vs. Lamas MMA OCTAGON PREDICTIONS

Featherweight: Chad Mendes def. Ricardo Lamas via TKO (punches)

Lightweight Al Iaquinta def. Jorge Masvidal via TKO (punches and elbows)

Lightweight: Mitch Clarke def. Michael Chiesa via Decision (unanimous)

Women's Bantamweight: Milana Dudieva def. Julianna Peña via Submission (Armbar)

Featherweight: Clay Guida def. Robbie Peralta via Decision (unanimous)

Lightweight: Dustin Poirier def. Carlos Diego Ferreira via Submission (D'Arce choke)

Performance of the Night: Al Iaquinta; Submission of the Night: Dustin Poirier

Age: 4 weeks Observers 0 Views : 907 Owner: The ProCop
Owner: The ProCop
Sealed in 01 October 2014 22:17:52
Opened at: 31 March 2015 03:00:00
Battlefield Hardline Cops vs Criminals World featuring the Holly MayhemSealed with Dogecoin Battlefield: Hardline puts the players in the streets of Cops vs Criminals World feat. the holy VEHICULAR MAYHEM!

What will we receive on March 31th and what to expect: Battlefield Hardline features new variety of gameplay that breaks away from the traditional Battlefield game modes. The focus of the game has been shifted to police and the "war on crime", breaking away from the military setting that has hitherto characterized the series. As such, the main factions in Hardline are the police Special Response Units and Criminals. Players will have access to various military-grade weapons and vehicles, such as the UH-60 Blackhawk as well as having police equipment such as tasers and handcuffs.
Hardline also uses the Levolution mechanic from Battlefield 4. For example, in the map, "High Tension," players can send a construction crane crashing into the building, ripping down debris from the central buildings in downtown, which falls down on the streets of Los Angeles.
The new game modes are Heist, Rescue, Hotwire Mode and Blood Money.
-Heist: The criminals must break packages of money from armored trucks by blowing the doors off, then moving the package to an extraction point; the police must stop them. If the Criminals manage to escape by bringing all the money to the extraction points they win.
-Blood Money: Both factions must retrieve money from an open crate in the center of the map, then move it back to their respective side's armored truck. Players can also steal money from the opposing team's truck. The team that first deposits $5 million worth of money into their truck or the team with the most money under a time limit wins.
-Hotwire Mode: Police chase down criminals at high speeds across expansive environments.
-Rescue: Police officers must try to save hostages from the criminals.

Visceral Games stated that the single player campaign will not be entirely linear and they are promised to deliver a better one than the previous game.

More detailed info:
Official website:

Age: 6 months Observers 0 Views : 874 Owner: DooMsTeR
Owner: DooMsTeR
Sealed in 28 March 2015 14:56:54
Opened at: 30 March 2015 07:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin 2016 UEFA European Championship, FRANCE - Matchday 5 GOALS Prediction

Qualification:: group A

Kazakhstan 1:4 Iceland Czech Republic 2:0 Latvia

Netherlands 2:1 Turkey

Qualification:: group B

Israel 2:1 Wales Andorra 0:3 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Belgium 3:1 Cyprus

Qualification:: group H

Azerbaijan 1:0 Malta Croatia 2:3 Norway

Bulgaria 1:2 Italy

Qualification:: group D

Georgia 1:3 Germany Scotland 5:0 Gibraltar

Ireland 1:1 Poland

Qualification:: group F

N.Ireland 3:0 Finland Romania 2:0 Faroe Islands

Hungary 1:1 Greece

Qualification:: group I

Albania 1:0 Armenia Portugal 2:1 Serbia

Age: 2 days Observers 0 Views : 960 Owner: VanBeasten
Owner: VanBeasten
Sealed in 09 March 2015 16:49:18
Opened at: 21 March 2015 19:30:00
Sealed with Dogecoin UFC Fight Night 62: Maia vs. LaFlare MMA OCTAGON PREDICTIONS

Welterweight: Ryan LaFlare def. Demian Maia via TKO (knee to the body and punches)

Lightweight: Leonardo Santos def. Tony Martin via Submission (rear-naked choke)

Women's Bantamweight: Amanda Nunes def. Shayna Baszler via Submission (arm-triangle choke)

Lightweight: Gilbert Burns def. Alex Oliveira via TKO (punches)

Featherweight: Andre Fili def. Godofredo Castro via TKO (punches)

Fight of the Night: Demian Maia vs. Ryan LaFlare; Performance of the Night: Ryan LaFlare; Submission of the Night: Amanda Nunes

Age: 2 weeks Observers 0 Views : 907 Owner: The ProCop
Owner: The ProCop
Sealed in 08 March 2015 12:14:37
Opened at: 20 March 2015 05:00:00
Sealed with Dogecoin Total Solar Eclipse Over EUROPE

There will be a total solar eclipse, best seen from United Kingdom (Sun 100% covered), Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Sun 100% covered) and Faroe Islands (Sun 100% covered).

From Slovakia the Sun will be eclipsed to a maximum of 69%; the eclipse will not be total.

From Russia the Sun will be eclipsed to a maximum of 99%; the eclipse will not be total.

Warning: Never attempt to point a pair of binoculars or a telescope at an object close to the Sun. Doing so may result in immediate and permanent blindness.


Age: 2 weeks Observers 0 Views : 857 Owner: XLips
Owner: XLips

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