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Thurstday, I will be tired

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Tomorrow I think the weather won't be good, It's raining, I think will open the capsule.

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Sealed with Dogecoin Large Hadron Collider get major upgrade by 2020 to discover 'new physics'

Physicists from around the globe launched a major programme yesterday aimed at converting the LHC ‘Big Bang’ particle collider at Cern near Geneva into a vastly more powerful cosmic research machine by the year 2020.

Cern officials said the effort, involving scientific establishments in the European Union, the United States and Japan, would demand development of new technologies in fields ranging from super-conducting magnets to energy transfer lines.

The upgrade will enable the operators to carry out up to 10 times as many collisions, or luminosity, in the LHC as the hundreds of millions a second now, and to gain deep insight into the origins and make-up of the universe.

‘With processes so rare, extra luminosity makes a big difference to our ability to make precision measurements and discover new things,’ said Sergio Bertolucci, research director at Cern, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

The programme was put in motion at a meeting of scientists and engineers from participant countries to plan how work will be coordinated, Cern said.

The collisions, in which particles are smashed together at just a fraction under the speed of light, produce computer-monitored explosions that have been dubbed ‘mini-Big Bangs.’

The LHC, or Large Hadron Collider, runs around a 27km (16.8mile) circular tunnel under the borders of Switzerland and France. It has been in operation since March 2010, producing a wealth of data for physicists and cosmologists.


It's the largest machine in the world
It has a circumference of 26,659m and a total of 9,300 magnets inside.

Just one-eighth of its cryogenic distribution system would qualify as the world’s largest fridge.

It's the world's fastest race track
At full power, trillions of protons race around the LHC accelerator ring 11,245 times a second, travelling at 99.9999991 per cent the speed of light.

It's empty inside
The beams of particles travel in an ultra-high vacuum – a cavity as empty as interplanetary space.

Hot stuff
When two beams of protons collide, they generate temperatures more than 100,000 times hotter than the heart of the Sun, concentrated within a minuscule space.

Cold facts
By contrast, the 'cryogenic distribution system', which circulates superfluid helium around the accelerator ring, keeps the LHC at a super cool temperature of -271.3C (1.9 K) – even colder than outer space.

The most powerful supercomputer system in the world
The data recorded by each of the big experiments at the LHC fill around 100,000 dual layer DVDs every year.

To allow the thousands of scientists scattered around the globe to collaborate on the analysis tens of thousands of computers located around the world are being harnessed in a distributed computing network called the Grid.


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Sealed with Dogecoin SABRE is built. SKYLON could fly you anywhere in the World for four hours.

It almost sounds like a dream: a new kind of hypersonic space-kissing jet that can take you anywhere in the world in just four hours. But the Skylon super plane being developed by UK aerospace firm Reaction Engines is very real.

The project took a big step forward this week with Reaction Engines announcing a new partnership with defence and aerospace giant BAE Systems, whose financial backing, along with a considerable investment from the UK government, will help Reaction develop its new class of aerospace engine dubbed SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) by as early as 2020, with test flights possible just five years later.

It’s thanks to the SABRE engine that the Skylon could theoretically take you to the other side of the planet for lunch, before dropping you safely back home in time for dinner.

SABRE operates in two modes to enable aircraft to directly access space in one step, called single stage to orbit. In its air-breathing mode, the engine sucks in oxygen from atmospheric air, to burn with liquid hydrogen fuel in the rocket combustion chamber. Once outside Earth’s atmosphere, the engine transitions to a conventional rocket mode, switching to on-board liquid oxygen.

One of the pivotal innovations of the system is in cooling. The engine uses ultra-lightweight heat exchangers 100 times lighter than existing technologies that can cool extremely hot airstreams from over 1,000°C to minus 150°C in less than 1/100th of a second.

According to its developers, an aircraft powered by the SABRE engine such as the Skylon will be able to go from standstill on a runway to reaching speeds of over five times the speed of sound while still in Earth’s atmosphere. The engine then transitions to a rocket mode, hitting spaceflight speeds at orbital velocity, as fast as 25 times the speed of sound.

While these extreme speeds quoted by Reaction Engines are largely theoretical at this point, the new investments from BAE and the UK government will now enable the company to validate their rocket science, with plans firming for a ground-based test engine to begin testing in as soon as five years’ time.

“Today’s announcement represents an important landmark in the transition of Reaction Engines from a company that has been focused on the research and testing of enabling technologies for the SABRE engine to one that is now focused on the development and testing of the world’s first SABRE engine," said Mark Thomas, managing director of Reaction Engines. We can’t wait.


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Sealed with Dogecoin Virtual reality is MAINSTREAM

BEIJING -- Virtual reality headsets could make a big splash next year, but it will take another three to five years before the technology becomes mainstream according to HTC, which is hard at work on its Vive VR headset.

The company's chief content officer Phil Chen made the comment on Monday while speaking with journalists at the TechCrunch Beijing summit following his speaking on a panel alongside Dillon Seo, co-founder of Oculus.

"It will take some time for it to go to the masses," Chen added, noting that the equipment needs to be refined, and enough content produced. But even so, the company is confident in the technology, with Chen saying he expects a billion VR headset devices to be sold in the next seven or eight years.

The smartphone maker has been working with game developer Valve on the HTC Vive, an upcoming VR headset similar to the Facebook-backed Oculus Rift. Following the November release of Samsung's Gear VR, HTC's own product be released in limited quantities before the end of 2015 ahead of a global release early next year.

Although the Vive has been marketed as a gaming device, the company is "bullish" on applying the tech to educational and healthcare areas, as well as using it as a platform to tell interactive stories, Chen added.

HTC made its name selling Android smartphones, but the business has been struggling in recent years. In a bid to revive sales numbers, HTC has been investing in virtual reality and smart devices, such as a fitness band designed in partnership with fitness gear company Under Armour, as well as launching the iPhone-like A9 midrange handset .

As for the HTC Vive, Chen declined to reveal its price or how many units will be released this year, but said the company wants to make the product globally available, and has been talking with potential content partners across the world. Most of the current content partners are located in Western countries, but HTC's Vive team has also started to become active in Asia, he said.

"Japan and China are very pro-VR and we are starting to talk to everyone you can imagine who is in gaming or animation," he added.


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Sealed with Dogecoin "Blade Runner" (1982): Replicants are manufactured for manual labor purposes in the off-world colonies in 2019

Movie "Blade Runner" (1982): 2019 is the year where the events of Blade Runner take place. The specific month, November, is given after the opening titles and crawl of the movie have played.

The city of Los Angeles of 2019 is depicted as an technologically advanced society. Automobiles called Spinners are able to fly above the streets which are clogged with people, and also regular ground based Automobiles. The streets of the city are lined with shops, cafes, and clubs. Dominating the skyline are the twin pyramids of the Tyrell Corporation, skyscrapers and smokestacks of countless factories and Industrial Plants. Additionally, large blimp-like vehicles called Sub-Neural ads float above the streets promoting life in the "off-world" colonies for Space Tourists to visit, now that travel to worlds other than Earth is possible. These Blimps also promote other products for people to buy. The sky appears consistently overcast and smoggy. Rainy weather is a common meteorological occurrence in the city. The rain contains pollutants from the many factories falling back on the ground called "acid rain."

By 2019, the Tyrell Corporation has introduced the science of "replication;" the engineering of human-like androids. Most Replicants are manufactured for manual labor purposes in the off-world colonies. However, Replicants have proven to be dangerous to humans and have been declared illegal on Planet Earth . At the core of the film's story is the attempt by a small group of Replicants to return to Earth to extend their genetically engineered four year life span. Their atempts to do so prove futile because it is impossible to alter a genetic sequence post-replication.

More Info here:

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Sealed with Dogecoin La huella De los astronautas del Apolo no se borraran poema millón de años sino que serán borrados por el idiota que llega y

la vida tiene que continuar incluso después de morir así de que aquí les dejo los mejores datos hacerla lo que hice a lo largo de mí vida.

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