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Sealed with Dogecoin PHP 7 Will...

PHP 7 Will rock developers way of working and will improove times over web server capacity.

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Owner: PHP dev
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Hey, est-ce que t'as enfin réussi à devenir assexuel assumé ?

Non parce que je me le demande si ça viendra un jour.

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Owner: Nihir
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Now every cyka blyat with a bike could have Livemap on his head - first Russian VR Helmet released on Mobile World CongressSealed with Dogecoin Now every cyka blyat with a bike could have Livemap on his head - first Russian VR Helmet released on Mobile World Congress

LiveMap – The Next Big Hi-Tech Helmet?

Following my recent first impressions article on the SKULLY AR-1, I was contacted by Andrew Artishchev, founder and CEO of Livemap helmets. He wanted to show me a second prototype of the Livemap helmet, and I was keen on seeing it so I agreed to meet with him. His idea is quite complex, yet bold and innovative. Livemap is a smart helmet that has a HUD that displays navigation and features voice command capabilities, as well as the ability to record and stream video.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of LiveMap; we’ve covered it in the past here on RideApart. Perhaps to some it’s an exhausting topic and/or product. However, Artishchev is adamant to have moto journalists get their hands on it (well, the prototype at least) to show the moto community that his project/product is coming along, with hopes of seeing motorcyclists wearing the LiveMap helmet early next year.

It’s clearly an exciting time for moto gear technology, and I'm all in.

Livemap Features

Artishchev came up with the LiveMap concept in 2008. He was able to obtain obtain a quarter of a million dollar grant from the Russian Ministry of Science in 2014, and to date, he spent a total of million to develop two LiveMap prototypes.

The initial design for the helmet was based on the helmets that fighter pilot's use. It had a projector to display the HUD image onto the actual visor screen — positioned on the top of the helmet — but Artishchev felt it wouldn't pass safety testing. So the new design will have the projector (which will be much smaller than what he showed me) living near the chin, which he claims is where the helmet receives the least amount of impact during a crash.

The main purpose of the LiveMap HUD is to provide safe navigation. The HUD will display a map that's generated from Navtech, which is Artishchev's preferred source for route information. The HUD will also provide images in full color, and unlike some HUDs, the image is bright enough not to be affected by ambient light.

I tried on the prototype helmet. Immediately, it was interesting to see something projected right on the visor, but I was a bit concerned about visibility. Artishchev assured me that the image will not impede the motorcyclist's views as it only covers an approximately 20 degrees of vision. He also mentioned that the helmet will have all the proper safety ratings (i.e, DOT, ECE, etc.).

As mentioned earlier, the final version of the LiveMap helmet will have a camera built-in to specifically record and stream live video onto sites such as YouTube, Periscope, etc. To me, this is actually a very desirable feature. I currently see plenty of motorists riding with GoPros strapped to their helmet, and integration of that sort of video technology could be a vast improvement.

So what will power all of the features this helmet claims to deliver? Artishchev plans to equip the helmet with a 64bit arm processor chip with LTE advanced processing (similar to a cellphone like the Galaxy S6). It's also standalone, so the LiveMap helmet wouldn't need to be paired with a cell phone.

When it comes to battery life, it will hold power for roughly four to six hours. As for the final look, Artishchev said LiveMap will be a modular helmet made of carbon fiber materials to ensure a lightweight wear.
What's Next for LiveMap?

I asked Artishchev when we will actually see a finished product and he said he plans to have the third a final prototype completed by the end of this summer. From there he will complete the industrial design and have the first production of the LiveMap helmet by the middle of December. The goal is to have helmets on customers' heads by spring 2017.

As for actually manufacturing the LiveMap helmet, Artishchev isn't going to do it himself. He has been in talks with helmet manufacturers (he didn't tell me whom specifically) to help him produce the LiveMap. This will hopefully help expedite production.

As for price, it comes in at $2,000, which can be a hefty price tag. But if he delivers 100 percent of what he said the helmet will do, then I feel like this isn't unreasonable — at least at first.

I think LiveMap is a really cool concept. As you can see in the pictures, the second prototype left a lot to be desired aesthetically, but the final LiveMap helmet will most likely look more refined. As I mentioned earlier, I think the addition of a built-in camera that can live stream video will be incredibly useful. It's something that Russia currently adopts in their cars now, so extending it to motorcyclists is great. To have crystal clear navigation and voice commands right there with you would really make LiveMap a top contender in the smart helmet category. Only time will tell...





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Owner: Sepp CykaBlyatter
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Movie prediction - DISTRICT 10 - A promise is a PROMISESealed with Dogecoin Movie prediction: DISTRICT 10 - A promise is a PROMISE

3 years have passed, the prawns are living in District 10. They are now forced to work in factories that have been built specifically for them, or in mines, to keep the aliens too busy to get in trouble and to lessen the drain on the economy. The profits from such ventures have made some higher ups VERY rich, and the general public is also benefiting with better roads, new hospitals and schools.

However, on the outside, protest groups have sprung up against the forced labor of the prawns, with Wilkus' wife as their main voice. On the inside, under the guidance of one prawn leader, some prawns have begun to plan a revolution. MNU has become more relaxed in its searches, incorrectly believing the prawns now to be too docile and tired to be secretly building and stockpiling weapons. The leader of the revolution is Wilkus.

Then one day a ship returns. The rescue has begun.

The aliens announce they only want to retrieve their people, but they will fight if need be. Afraid of the loss of many of their people, they begin to negotiate peacefully with the higher ups, who see this as a HUGE financial loss.

The arrogant, greedy and over-confident higher ups see the new ship as a chance to acquire more slaves. They pretend to negotiate with the new aliens, whose leader is Christopher, asking for time to find replacement workers, and saying if they let them all go at once the loss would be too great, that hospitals and schools would have to close and the public would revolt. Covertly they hatch a plan to disable the new ship, now knowing it can not operate without the command module. They begin building powerful missiles that can be aimed directly at the command module. Wilkus' Father-in-law is one of these higher ups.

Christopher and some of the aliens have visited the camps and observed the treatment of their people and have become impatient. However still not willing to begin a war that would kill many of their people, the alien leaders agree to give them time. Christopher learns of the revolution and the existence of Wilkus and makes contact with him. He tells Wilkus to wait, that to begin the revolution now would only undermine the plans of what he believes to be a peaceful negotiation. He gives Wilkus a small piece of technology that they can use for communication, but tells him to only use it in an emergency as it can be traced when in operation.

Members of the protest group led by Wilkus' wife have been secretly working on the inside with the prawns to relay information back to her and the others. When they find out about the revolution and who its leader is one of them reveals himself to him and Wilkus sends a message to his wife in the form of a flower he has made.

Even though Wilkus Father in law and wife are on opposite sides, they still communicate. Wilkus Father in law is slowly becoming disenchanted with the plan to disable the ship, as too many human lives would be lost in the process, he doesn't agree with the other higher ups who are referring to the loss of life as collateral damage.

She knows when the revolution happens, many lives will be lost on both sides, and she's still not even sure what it would accomplish. She's sitting on the couch holding the flower and crying when her Father comes for a visit. Seeing his daughter upset, (although he doesn't know the whole picture) and feeling guilty about the plan and the way Wilkus was treated, he reveals the plan of the higher ups to her. The missiles are nearly ready to go.

She sends the message to Wilkus.

Wilkus communicates the plan of the higher ups to Christopher. MNU picks up a signal going from the camp to the ship, but not what was said. Wilkus tells the other prawns that the revolution will begin that night, however suddenly the camp begins to fill with soldiers searching for the device from which the signal was broadcast. Wilkus and the others arm themselves and begin fighting back. The revolution has begun.

Small ships come down from the mother ship, with more prawns to help in the fighting. Anti aircraft missiles shoot down as many possible but some still make it to the ground.

Wilkus wife and the other protesters are outside the camp, calling out for peace and an end to the bloodshed, they are being pushed back by MNU soldiers, some are being arrested. She runs along the fence to a part which backs up to a highly wooded area and loses the soldiers who go back to deal with the other protesters. News reaches Wilkus that his wife is just outside the fence and he tries to reach her, having firefights all the way and getting shot.

The higher ups have decided to go ahead with the missiles even though they're untested. They bring out the missiles and fire the first one towards the command module of the ship. It misses. As the fighting goes on below, they fire a second missile which this time hits the target and disables the ship. There is a big "hoorah!" in the command room, as they know they've won and it will only be a matter of time before the prawns have to surrender.

When the second missile hits the ship, some of the fighting stops as they look up at the powerful explosion. Wilkus uses this distraction to finally reach the fence with his wife on the other side. As they reach through the fence to grasp hands, an alien voice comes through Wilkus communicator. They look in each others eyes, a look of fear and concern crosses her face.

Christopher is on a communicator in the big ship, saying "Peaceful negotiations have failed."

More mother ships come down and begin to fill the sky.....

Source (by susanmj
» Wed Sep 23 2015 11:05:06) :

Age: 12 months Observers 0 Views : 1120 Owner: susanmj
Owner: susanmj
Sealed in 24 February 2016 17:12:57
Opened at: 17 March 2017 15:00:00
Disney new Beauty Queen - Emma Watson, starts her own Singing Career after Beauty and the Beast movieSealed with Dogecoin Disney's new Beauty Queen - Emma Watson, starts her own Singing Career after "Beauty and the Beast" movie

Emma Watson has made a unique choice to pick films that portray her so well. Her latest project “Beauty and the Beast” is one of the most talked about these days. In the latest revelation it is said that Watson is going to sing three songs for the movie, well Watson has been silent about the role and has not spoken about in detail. Read on to find out more about Emma Watson starred as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.” Read on for more details.

According to VC Post, the songs are written by Allan Menken who is known for his scores of popular Disney movies like “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin.” Watson is said to be very excited for her first attempt of singing three songs in a single flick. It seems that Watson is definitely open to explore various things when it comes to work.

The movie is an adaptation of old musical animated romantic tale of 1991. Watson is starred as the lead Belle which was originally played by Paige O’Hara. Opposite her, Dan Stevens will take on the role of the Beast. This part is said to more detailed and layered which will include parts of the story that remained untold in the original.

Watson stated that, “beauty seems like a completion of a nice little circle”. She has indeed turned in to a graceful beauty now when we look back her first avatar of Hermione in “Harry Potter”. Her transition is from the role of a little girl to lady stepping into women hood in the newest role is commendable.

“Beauty and the Beast” will hit the theatres on Mar. 17, 2017.


Age: 13 months Observers 0 Views : 1314 Owner: Belladel
Owner: Belladel
Sealed in 09 August 2015 14:14:58
Opened at: 06 March 2017 08:30:00
The Dubai Museum of the Future becomes global destination for inventors and entrepreneursSealed with Dogecoin The Dubai Museum of the Future becomes global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs

If you’re headed to Dubai in the next couple years, you might want to stop by the Museum of the Future, a space filled with “innovation labs” that will highlight the best in smart cities, energy and transport.

It’s no surprise that Dubai would take this 21st century World’s Fair-like approach — it’s probably the most artificial, manufactured place on the planet (sorry, Vegas). So it makes total sense that they’d just go ahead and make it official with a museum about things that haven’t happened yet.

The plans were revealed today by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, VP and prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai. The Museum will open in 2017 in the Emirates Towers area near Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

“The Museum of the Future will be an incubator for ideas and real designs, a driver for innovation and a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs,” said Sheikh Mohammad at the launch, according to Gulf News. They report that the Museum’s motto will be “See the future, create the future.”


Official website:

Official YouTube channel of the Museum:

Age: 19 months Observers 0 Views : 1212 Owner: Brain SandStorm
Owner: Brain SandStorm
Sealed in 26 February 2016 01:19:39
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Movie Prediction: Natalie Portman faces Annihilation, materializing horror fans dark dreamsSealed with Dogecoin Movie Prediction: Natalie Portman faces Annihilation, materializing horror fans dark dreams

More exciting news released on the production of director Alex Garland’s Sci-Fi Thriller “Annihilation”. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Jeff

VanderMeer. Alex Garland is notable for his work on “Ex Machina”, “28 Days Later”, “Dredd” and“Sunshine”. “Annihilation” entered production in 2015. Earlier news reports reveal that Natalie Portman (“V for Vendetta”, “Black Swan”, “Star Wars: Episode III –Revenge of the Sith”) and Gina Rodriguez (“Jane The Virgin”, “Interstate”, “Filly Brown”) will star.
News reveal that Tessa Thompson of “Creed” fame will also join the crew. Of course, this has yet to be confirmed.

For those unfamiliar with “Annihilation”, it is a novel written by Jeff VanderMeer. The story follows a small group of women; an anthropologist, a surveyor, a psychologist, and a biologist. Their mission is to map the terrain, record all observations of their surroundings and one another. Above all avoid they mustn’t risk getting contaminated by Area X itself. Below is a thorough description of the novel.

Annihilation, the Novel Synopsis:

Area X has been cut off from the rest of the continent for decades. Nature has reclaimed the las vestiges of human civilization. The first expedition returned with reports of a pristine, Edenic landscape; the second expedition ended in mass suicide, the third expedition in a hail of gunfire as its members turned on one another. The members of the eleventh expedition returned as shadows of their former selves, and within weeks, all had died of cancer.They arrive expecting the unexpected, and Area X delivers―they discover a massive topographic anomaly and life forms that surpass understanding―but it’s the surprises that came across the border with them and the secrets the expedition members are keeping from one another that change everything.

Paramount picked up the film adaptation to Annihilation”. Production begins Spring of 2016. Unfortunately, this will pose a conflict for Gina Rodriguez from starring in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”. On the bright side, “Annihilation” could be her biggest moment yet since “Jane the Virgin”. The film will be written by Garland and VanderMeer, and produced by Scott Rudin.


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Owner: Southern Reach
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The rover Audi Lunar Quattro is ready for the challenges of the MoonSealed with Dogecoin The rover Audi Lunar Quattro is ready for the challenges of the Moon

German automaker Audi is partnering with Google Lunar XPRIZE team Part-Time Scientists to send a rover to the Moon. Audi is supporting the Berlin-based team with its vast experience in several fields of technology—from quattro all-wheel drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving.

"The concept of a privately-financed mission to the moon is fascinating,” said Luca de Meo, Audi Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “And innovative ideas need supporters that promote them. We want to send a signal with our involvement with the Part-Time Scientists and also motivate other partners to contribute their know-how.”

“With Audi, we have acquired a strong partner that will bring us a big step forward with its technological and mobility capabilities,” said Robert Böhme, founder and head of the Part‑Time Scientists. “We look forward to future interaction and a fruitful partnership.”

The rover—now known as the Audi lunar quattro—hopes to launch in 2017. Its target is an area near the landing site of the Apollo 17, NASA’s last manned mission to the Moon.

To learn more about this exciting partnership between Audi and Part-Time Scientists, visit Audi’s Mission to the Moon website.


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Owner: iQ 4x4u
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Mouse-Box manufacturing begins on cheap prices and across the worldSealed with Dogecoin Mouse-Box manufacturing begins on cheap prices and across the world

We've seen plenty of compact PCs in the past, but few as tiny as the Mouse-Box. This new invention from a team of Polish engineers packs a fully-functioning computer into a mouse that you can hold in your hand. All you need to add is a screen and a keyboard and you're ready to start work, get online or launch a presentation. The Mouse-Box is currently at the prototype stage and its makers are looking for funding to bring it to production.

Its level of portability is a huge selling point, because if you're going somewhere with a monitor or projector available, then all you need is a pocket rather than a laptop bag.

Inside the mouse you get a 1.4GHz dual-core ARM CPU, 128GB of flash storage, two USB 3.0 ports, a micro-HDMI output and Wi-Fi connectivity — not bad for something so tiny. There's not much room for your programs and files, but as Chromebooks have proved, huge amounts of local storage aren't always necessary for something that you take on the road. The group is also working on a matching mousepad that can double as a charger while you're using the Mouse-Box.

If you want to just use it as a normal mouse, then that's fine too. You could take it into work and then switch between your work PC and the Mouse-Box with a button press, for example.

The prototype is fully functional, but the Mouse-Box team is looking for a manufacturing partner to be able to produce the device commercially. Given its specifications, it's likely that the finished product would run a lightweight OS such as ChromeOS or Linux, but no further details have been divulged just yet. Another unknown is the price, though the developers have gone on record as saying the Mouse-Box will be available cheaply and across the world, funding permitting.

Is this something you'd back on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? If so, the Mouse-Box inventors would love you to share their video, embedded below.


Mouse-Box official website:

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Owner: Ratatouill-E
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World’s first 3D printed office building glams up DubaiSealed with Dogecoin World’s first 3D printed office building glams up Dubai

An ambitious UAE plan to build the first fully functional 3D printed office building in the world has been announced in Dubai. It is being promoted as both cost effective and time saving.

Mohamed Al Gergawi, the United Arab Emirates Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the National Innovation Committee, said on Tuesday that Dubai plans to 3D-print a one-story “office building” of about 2,000 square feet (185 square meters) in size, Reuters reported.

“We are keen to use the latest technologies to simplify people’s lives and to serve them better. This project is part of our overall innovation strategy to create new designs and new solutions in education, healthcare and cities,” Al Gergawi said in a statement. “Our goal is to increase the happiness and wellbeing of our residents and to pioneer new solutions for the world.”

The building, which is to be situated in the center of the coastal business hub city, will be printed layer-by-layer with a 20-foot tall printer over the course of a few weeks. Its entire interior will also be 3D printed. The technology will cut labor costs by 50-80 percent, and construction time by 50-70 percent, according to expert estimates.

“The idea of 3D printing buildings was once a dream, but today it has become a reality,” Al Gergawi added. “This building will be a testimony to the efficiency and creativity of 3D printing technology, which we believe will play a major role in reshaping construction and design sectors. We aim to take advantage of this growth by becoming a global hub for innovation and 3D printing. This is the first step of many more to come.”

The project is a result of cooperation between Dubai and WinSun, a pioneering Chinese company that specializes in building houses with 3D printers, as well as other major firms such as Gensler, Thornton Thomasetti, and Syska Hennessy.

The cutting-edge “office” will be the temporary headquarters of the “Museum of the Future” that was announced this March and is scheduled to open in 2017.


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Owner: Dagger_69

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