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Owner: R
Sealed in 22 September 2019 02:10:09
Opened at: 22 September 2021 14:30:00
Dear Future Me


Future Natalya of 2021
Dear Future Self.

Its you but from the past, writing to you.
What does our life look like 2 years from now?
I Imagine us living in a Modern High Rise Apartment looking down towards the Shimmering ocean of blue and it’s glorious Vastness through the large, monumental crystal clear windows.
Fully furnished with Diy Projects and upholstered pre-loved items.
I imagine that we have freedom, and that we are living a life that we love, doing things that we enjoy every day, such as painting, drawing, writing stories, singing and dancing, sewing and attempting all things creative.
I imagine that we are on a healthy Vegan Diet, blessed with an Abundance of Nutritious food.
Please don’t tell me that you’re slaving away in a retail job or fast food joint, and please tell me that you’ve got that Etsy Business all sorted out because If you haven’t then I am Highly Disappointed in you.

I imagine having sleepovers with Aj, building Blanket forts, having cooking competitions, going for nature walks, attempting creative disasters and wearing matching Pajamas. I love that boy so much, how is school going for him? Has he made any good friends? Does he attend any extra curricular activities?.
He went to his third Karate lesson Yesterday, does he still do Karate?.

I imagine us putting our talents to work, gifting homemade or revamped old toys to less fortunate Children.
Possibly helping struggling parents by making care packages for them.
Do we do any charitable work? What have we done to make a difference in the world?.
Have we joined any extra activities such as Women’s self defence, Yoga, etc.?

I imagine that we have a vast wardrobe full of home sewn Floral garments and home sewn rag curl strips so we can curl our hair everyday.
I imagine that we have a reliable beauty regime with eco friendly vegan Products or homemade diy projects.

Here are just a few Questions that I have gathered for you.
Do we use reusable Sanitary Pads?
Have we found True love yet?
Have we lost our Virginity? And have we any children?.
Do Mum and Dad have a Grandchild yet?.
What’s the state of the Amazon Forest looking like? And are there any new Diseases?
Are there any animals that still exist in my time that have been extinct?.

I have so many Questions.

Well now future self I will close off this letter with a few hopes I have for you.
future me I lovingly hope that you get all the sunlight and fresh air that you need.
I lovingly hope that you learn how to take pride in your appearance and show yourself off to the world,
You are beautiful the way you are, so don’t hide Yourself away from the world.
If you want to wear makeup than wear makeup, If you want to wear floral dresses and curl your hair everyday than do exactly that, and if you haven’t got the money than just remember that there are limitless ways to make money and most Importantly, remember that ‘Money should serve you, not the other way around’.
If you want to make friends than treat everyone, even strangers as if they’re your friend.
If you want to be treated a particular way than demonstrate those behaviours to others in your daily life.
If you want to do anything in your life than just remember how incredibly special and important you are and believe that you can achieve whatever it is that you desire.
Never lose hope and always keep that vision of your best positive life nice and vibrant in your visual mind.

Sending you lots of love.
Natalya from your Past.

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Owner: Natalya
Sealed in 03 May 2021 18:53:13
Opened at: 22 September 2021 11:45:00

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Sealed in 14 September 2021 09:17:23
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Tarissa Windy. A

Jangan lupa vaksin dosis 2 yahhh bebb????????????????????sayang diriku.... Kalau sayang kamu ntar disia-siain????????????????

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Owner: Limited...
Sealed in 28 December 2020 04:58:52
Opened at: 19 September 2021 12:30:00
Sealed with Dogecoin PREDICTION: Aston Martin VALKYRIE hypercar will crack down the Aventador SVJ’s outright Nurburgring record

Aston Martin hasn’t had much good news lately, other than a white knight strolling to its rescue so they’ve released some images of the limited production Valkyrie prowling the streets near to the Silverstone circuit. The first hypercar from the firm will be limited to a production run of 150 units. All are already said to have prospective owners.

As a reminder, this midengined marvel was designed to be an F1 car for the road. That’s why Red Bull’s Adrian Newey was involved from the outset. It’s hybrid powerplant comprises a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 by Cosworth, the unit good for around 750kW allegedly, aided by an 11,100rpm redline. The Nm count is said to be similar, arriving at 7000rpm.

A Rimac-built KERS-type system boosts the tally by 119kW and 280Nm, apparently offering 3.5G of longitudinal acceleration in both directions! The system is supposed to be good for 865kW and 900Nm all up. A top speed in excess of 400km/h is expected. Aston promises to have a crack at the Aventador SVJ’s outright Nurburgring Nordschleife record at some point (6.45).

The plan was for the car to have a 1:1 power to weight ratio, thanks to using no metal in the bodywork (all carbon) and to scale up at around 1000kg.

An exercise in aeros, big Venturi tunnels run either side of the cockpit floor, feeding an enormous rear diffuser, and generating supreme downforce (evidently around 1000kg at speed). That way the upper body surfaces are relatively free from garish aero aids.

The driving position is feet-up, like in a proper race car. A four-point harness comes as standard, while an optional six-point harness will be offered for the track addicted.

There’s evidently generous interior space for two adults.

Amongst the prospective owners is Highland Park and Hampton Downs owner, Tony Quinn, said to be the only one in the Southern Hemisphere to have placed an order.

Deliveries are evidently getting underway in Q3, unless the global Covid-19 pandemic throws a spanner in the works.


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Sealed in 11 September 2021 10:50:46
Opened at: 18 September 2021 23:45:00
Sampai Jumpa

Sampai Jumpa

Age: 1 week Observers 0 Views : 14 Owner: Arkana Rizki
Owner: Arkana Rizki
Sealed in 17 September 2021 21:00:28
Opened at: 17 September 2021 23:00:00
A time capsule is being opened on May 9th, 2026.

Stay tuned

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Sealed in 17 September 2021 08:14:20
Opened at: 17 September 2021 10:15:00
Still seeing if it works

test anew

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