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password galfox


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password galfox


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Orgo-I bets on the house

I'm going to get an A- minimum in Orgo I/II, if I don't, I owe Nir $75 x2. If I get this grade, my words age like wine and I'm fine, and he owes me $150 in total.

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Its Not A Prediction And Umm

Ummm So Hey Hows Life And umm I just wanted to say how's life did u youtube today evening ima get the guitar and a lot of beating lol but how's everything
and umm tal? no well fuk me and you me in the future least I am happy ur reading this aumm so a lot of things happened eh ?? tuition mam girl?
Cringe u because remeber jeshu andi took him to madina also parents confronted also dm93ncs Ye So Also Rikrol?? Bruh I ot Know v Andummmm AAAA plsss Help

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Owner: Go Fudge Your Sef
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password recovery

Run for the Star!

This weeks RFTS is Backwards Barrels. It is simply put to start the first barrel on the left instead of the right. It is running. You will need to do 15 runs by 7 pm SLT Thurs. July 18th. Landmark attached

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Owner: robkist
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Sealed with Dogecoin NASA's Europa Clipper mission is launched. In six years we will know if there is life in the Europa's oceans.

NASA's Europa Clipper will conduct detailed reconnaissance of Jupiter's moon Europa and investigate whether the icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life.

The mission will place a spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter in order to perform a detailed investigation of Europa -- a world that shows strong evidence for an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust and which could host conditions favorable for life. The mission will send a highly capable, radiation-tolerant spacecraft into a long, looping orbit around Jupiter to perform repeated close flybys of the icy moon.

NASA has selected nine science instruments for the mission. The selected payload includes cameras and spectrometers to produce high-resolution images of Europa's surface and determine its composition. An ice penetrating radar will determine the thickness of the moon's icy shell and search for subsurface lakes similar to those beneath Antarctica's ice sheet. The mission will also carry a magnetometer to measure the strength and direction of the moon's magnetic field, which will allow scientists to determine the depth and salinity of its ocean. Gravity measurements will also help confirm the existence of Europa's subsurface ocean.

A thermal instrument will survey Europa's frozen surface in search of recent eruptions of warmer water at or near the surface, while additional instruments will search for evidence of water and tiny particles in the moon's thin atmosphere. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope observed water vapor above the south polar region of Europa in 2012, providing potential evidence of water plumes. If the plumes' existence is confirmed -- and they're linked to a subsurface ocean -- studying their composition will help scientists investigate the chemical makeup of Europa's potentially habitable environment while minimizing the need to drill through layers of ice.

During the nominal mission, the spacecraft will perform 45 flybys of Europa at closest-approach altitudes varying from 1700 miles to 16 miles (2700 kilometers to 25 kilometers) above the surface.

Scientific Instrument(s)
- Plasma Instrument for Magnetic Sounding (PIMS)
- Europa Clipper Magnetometer
- Mapping Imaging Spectrometer for Europa (MISE)
- Europa Imaging System (EIS)
- Radar for Europa Assessment and Sounding: Ocean to Near-surface (REASON)
- Europa THermal Emission Imaging System (E-THEMIS)
- MAss SPectrometer for Planetary EXploration/Europa (MASPEX)
- Ultraviolet Spectrograph/Europa (UVS)
- SUrface Dust Mass Analyzer (SUDA)


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Owner: Dagger_69
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Hello Dear Stepan.
This is you from 2024. You're playing football? You is the goalkeeper? Have you got are trophys? Whatis your football club?

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Future Relationship

So, how is it going with your boyfriend? Any particular news?

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Owner: Avi
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Sealed with Dogecoin REALLY INVISIBLE WOMAN "shows" up on the stage of COMIC CON 2024

- 02.07.2018 Scientists Say They've Found a Way to Make an Object Invisible From Every Angle

Researchers from Montreal's National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) just published a study in Optica detailing a new approach to invisibility cloaking.

Their device, called a spectral invisibility cloak, is the first to manipulate the color (or frequency) of the light waves that interact with an object, rendering it invisible.

"Our work represents a breakthrough in the quest for invisibility cloaking," study author José Azaña said in a news release.

Let's break this down, starting with light. There's something called the electromagnetic spectrum. It contains all the different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, a certain kind of energy. X-rays, gamma rays, and radar all fall somewhere on this spectrum.

While you can't see an X-ray, your eyes can see one small range of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. We call this visible light. As mentioned, it's a range separated into what we perceive as colors, with violet at one end and red at the other. Some light sources contain more than one specific frequency. We call these broadband sources, and sunlight is one example.

When we "see" something, what we're really seeing is the interaction of these light frequencies and the object. When sunlight shines on a blue car, the car reflects the blue light frequency while all the other color frequencies simply pass through the object. Our eyes detect the reflected blue light, letting us see the blue car.

The INRS researchers' cloaking device takes advantage of this interaction. They describe an object that reflects only green light.

To make this object seem "invisible" to the human eye, they use a specially designed filter to temporarily shift the green frequencies in the broadband spectrum shining on the object to blue. Then, they use another filter to shift those frequencies back to green on the other side of the object.

The result? The human eye can't see the object.

Currently, the INRS researchers' cloaking device only works from one direction — the viewer's gaze needs to follow the path of the light, looking toward the object through the first filter.

However, Azaña claims the method could theoretically make an object invisible from every direction.

For now, the device could help secure telecommunications, which use broadband waves to transport data. Telecom companies could render certain frequencies along their fiber optic networks "invisible," preventing third-parties from using broadband light to spy on them.

So, while we still have a ways to go before we can all cosplay as the (really) Invisible Man at ComicCon, this complex cloaking contraption could potentially keep our data concealed in the meantime.


PREDICTION: AT COMIC CON 2024 (San Diego) mysterious woman, dressed in white, step up on the stage. After few moments her right arm disappears ... then the left arm ... left leg ... whole body and the head. Then she asked a fan to give her his phone to take the world's first "invisible" selfie (she render visible only her hand, which holds the phone). The crowd explodes in amazement

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fifa pw 23 june


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