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Sealed in 08 May 2023 14:24:59
Opened at: 01 January 2024 18:30:00
Just some hopes and wishes

I just wanted to write here because im bored, but i do want my future self to open this, so be it.
I dont know if i will become more mature, or more childish, i dont even know if my future is secured. I just want to say that i hope my future self becomes a better person, because right now im kinda pathetic. I hope i make my parents happy and i wish that i can make more friends in the future.- I, 2023

Age: 8 months Observers 0 Views : 91 Owner: Hehe
Owner: Hehe
Sealed in 31 December 2023 16:30:06
Opened at: 01 January 2024 01:15:00
idk if u still alive or nah but...


Age: 9 hours Observers 0 Views : 83 Owner: neta
Owner: neta
Sealed in 23 January 2023 20:03:13
Opened at: 01 January 2024 00:00:00
Who I think will be champions at the end of 2023

Flyweight - Brandon Moreno
Bantamweight - Marlon Vera
Featherweight - Volk or Max (if Volk moves up)
Lightweight - Chandler
Welterweight - Usman
Middleweight - Izzy
Light Heavyweight - Hall
Heavyweight - Jones

Age: 11 months Observers 0 Views : 104 Owner: Giggles
Owner: Giggles
Sealed in 14 January 2023 10:47:30
Opened at: 01 January 2024 00:00:00
After 1 year, one.

Hi me 1 year from now ^___^ You're currently lost and confused on what you wanted to do in your life. You feel like everyone will leave you anytime and you're really afraid to lose them. You don't have choice but to accept the fact that they need to leave you. But, you're happy :))) You're happy because even though you know they will leave you, you're still enjoying your remaining time with them. You feel loved, cared, and prioritized right now. You met so many people, you went home very late, you're almost sexually harassed but before those things happened, you're happily enjoying yourself.

So this is the first month of 2023, I hope now, while you're reading this on your present time, I hope you achieved the following:

1). Improved your lifestyle
2). Continuous workout
3). Move out from your uncle's home
4). Your siblings migrated to other country
5). Loving yourself dearly
6). Improving your career in medical field
7). You're still in a relationship with your dearest.
8). You have a car
9). You have a work
10). Healthy mental health
11). Improved and discovered new hobbies
12). Have a cat
13). Have your own apartment
14). Started what you wanted to do (kung ano man ang iniisip mo right now).
15. Happy :))

If you managed to do all those things, I'm so proud of you!! You're so strong and so brave to face all of your problems, please write another letter responding to this letter to celebrate our simple success. ^___^


If you didn't achieve some/most/nothing of them (especially the most important one), I'm more proud of you!! We know life is so hard, everyday is a challenge so waking up and still being there 1 year from now, it's a big achievement already!!! So keep going until you achieved all of our bucket lists ^___^ Please write back to this letter and let's keep on going!!!

I love you my future self. Remember that at the end of the day, we only got ourself so be brave, be still, and be strong!! I'm always proud of you and your progress.

Age: 12 months Observers 0 Views : 113 Owner: D
Owner: D
Sealed in 01 March 2020 02:28:13
Opened at: 01 January 2024 00:00:00
Hi this is Jake from 2020

Hi future Jake, I am studying rn and I hate it. I fucking hate college so damn much. I hope it gets better because I am in a rough place rn. I hope you are doing what you want to be doing and making cool mooooovies and not going to school cause fuck school. I also wonder what your opinion is on college now because I fucking hate it wilth every molicule in my body. Ok have a good day being sucessful filmmaker hopefully, or doing something cool with online content. If you aren't the wtf you doing, get your shit together. Also is SLOMPY still a thing?

Age: 47 months Observers 1 Has 1 observer Views : 76 Owner: Jake Bowren
Owner: Jake Bowren
Sealed in 02 April 2023 23:46:52
Opened at: 31 December 2023 23:45:00
Sealed with Dogecoin I'm probs gonna be dead by the time you get this.

If I'm not dead, congrats y'know, but yeah idk what to write. Are Ray and Mum still together? are you and Nathan still together? That's pretty poggers if so. Have y'all fucked yet? Or are you still a Virgin? Cringe. Remember to text Sam as well. If you're still alive that is. Anyways that's all. stay slay

Age: 9 months Observers 0 Views : 63 Owner: AJ
Owner: AJ
Sealed in 23 November 2023 07:08:21
Opened at: 31 December 2023 00:00:00
redmi phone password


Age: 1 month Observers 0 Views : 70
Sealed in 15 September 2022 23:08:11
Opened at: 31 December 2023 00:00:00

did you find your own happiness now?

Age: 16 months Observers 0 Views : 94 Owner: neta
Owner: neta
Sealed in 07 November 2022 15:12:23
Opened at: 30 December 2023 05:30:00
become a intermediate actor

today is the 7th of november, still suffering. by the next 3 years i hope i :
-have learned to play the piano
-have learned to play guitar
-get braces and get them off
-get taller
-have played in a movie
-still in drama school
right now i dont have braces but have busted teeth, still in drama school, short, didnt play in any movie, starting to learn guitar, didnt even start to play piano yet. i really hope i did these things

Age: 14 months Observers 0 Views : 59 Owner: B Nicholas Yalalt
Owner: B Nicholas Yalalt
Sealed in 01 December 2022 11:51:31
Opened at: 26 December 2023 00:00:00


Facebook password

Age: 13 months Observers 0 Views : 57

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