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My time capsule trial 1

Hi, I will lead my students to this site to create their own time capsule. Let's see if it works

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Owner: İrem
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Barclay's 3 guesses on the surviving state

West Virginia

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End of 2020-21 School Year

Right now my fabulous advisees are running today advisory (10/5/2020). I am hoping that by the time this is opened in June that we will all be on campus and having something close to regular school. My guess is that Joe Biden will be president or perhaps Kamala Harris if Joe Biden's health fails him between now and then. This period of remote learning is super challenging for so many, and I am grateful to have an excellent job and to get to work with amazing young people like my advisees. My greatest hope is that my advisees get to completely enjoy their senior year including all the celebratory rights of passage. By the time I open this, I should finally have a smart phone. I will have joined the 21st century. Okay, I predict the Dow Jones average will be at 22,500 when I open this. Today it is hovering around 28,000. Until June!

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Owner: BenMac84
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O q se passou?

Hj eu tenho uma bike nova, amanha terei uma melhor

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Owner: Francisco Conceição
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Owner: Gman1314
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Reach 1 - Quarentine Capsule

This is one of the best computers nowadays, i think that computers will be SUPER potent in 2023 and run games at an insane quantity of Frames Per Second.

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Owner: Enrico Nogueira Elorza
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Reach 1 - Quarantine Capsule

A smartphone because it’s our main way of communication
Some information about the pandemic right now
What we know about the space until now

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Owner: victor
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THANKs mobile legend

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Sealed with Dogecoin The First Lunar Eclipse for 2021

May 2021 total lunar eclipse: Check-out important details
The first total lunar eclipse of 2021 will occur on May 26. The eclipse would begin at 2:17 pm in India and end at 7:19 pm. Here is all you need to know about the first Chandra Grahan of year.

hen does an eclipse take place? An eclipse takes place when one heavenly body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body. On Earth, we can experience two kinds of eclipses: solar eclipses and lunar eclipses.

There are three kinds of lunar eclipses: total, partial, and penumbral. A total lunar eclipse occurs when Earth's umbra covers the Moon's entire surface. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when only part of the Moon's surface is obscured by Earth's umbra.

When the Moon travels through the faint penumbral portion of Earth's shadow a penumbral lunar eclipse happens. At least two partial lunar eclipses happen every year, but total lunar eclipses are rare. However, in 2021 we are going to witness a total lunar eclipse.

May 2021 total lunar eclipse: Date
The first total lunar Eclipse of 2021 will occur on May 26 and as per, the total lunar eclipse would begin at 2:17 pm in India and end at 7:19 pm.

May 2021 total lunar eclipse: Visibility
The first Lunar Eclipse of 2021 will be visible in South Asia, East Asia, Australia, much of North America, South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.


Age: 4 months Observers 0 Views : 52 Owner: Chandr Grahan
Owner: Chandr Grahan

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