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My time capsule

Things I want to include in my time capsule:

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Owner: Stu
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Sealed with Dogecoin PHP will cease to exist in 7 years

It’s a classic Hollywood plot: the battle between two old friends who went separate ways. Often the friction begins when one pal sparks an interest in what had always been the other pal’s unspoken domain. In the programming language version of this movie, it’s the introduction of Node.js that turns the buddy flick into a grudge match: PHP and JavaScript, two partners who once ruled the internet together but now duke it out for the mind share of developers.

<br><br>- <i> InfoWorld </i>

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Owner: Upcoming
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Sealed with Dogecoin Paris's future.

Hey Paris,
This is crazy okay but I really hope it comes true. I want to get my cosmetology license and then get your nursing license so you can do botox and lasers. Being blunt your dumb ass best marry Joe. He's so similar to you and makes me so happy. I hope by this time you guys are planning on having some kids cuz if you don't have 6 imma be big mad. I hope you still roll up though because that's life-changing. All I want in life is a husband who adores me and 6 children 3 teenagers and 3 Lil kiddos. You and Joe better have moved in together by 2021 when you turn 18 because my parents treat me like a child. I'm going to get a job and save up my money as soon as the corona is over. Imma needs to save up cuz I gotta live on my own. I can't wait until I get to see the list of kid names you pick. I am also making a little box for my future babies. I can't wait until they are my age to show them everything I want to. I can't wait for them to read all the letters and see all the pictures and articles and things I wanted them to see and have. I am so excited to have a family and be married. Those are the only things that I care about. I'm surprised my mom doesn't just allow me to be happy and chose my own path in life. I don't wanna go to college and do everything she wants me to do. That's why I wanna move out at 18.
I feel like I should talk about corona, well fuck her. shes a mother fucking bitch yo. All I want to do is be around Irina and jake and joe. all honestly just want to be around joe because he's the best.

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Owner: parisvalodia
Sealed in 20 April 2017 10:54:46
Opened at: 17 April 2024 21:00:00
PHP will cease to exist in 7 years

A reliable source gave me information of the inevitable future of one of the most popular programming languages at the moment. The well known PHP language will be bought by the Microsoft company then meet its doom in a terrible circumstances. It's great successor will be the not-so-great (authors opinion) NoteJS.

See you in 7 years.

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Owner: round man
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I am Beautiful

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You will be better and always improving and not be cringe and goofy aaaah

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Owner: Tim
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Owner: sallyjames74

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