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My ISTE Live 2021 Takeaways

To the Future Me... (My Family/Friends/Loved Ones)
Some insights that i got from my experience of ISTE Live 2021
We are here because there is work to be done!
We deal in opportunity!

We can make a change where we are at... our classroom.

What is the way we are doing things? Re-imagining approaches.

Reflective Questioning. Data-driven innovation.

Nice does not create change... Kindness does.

Realize that you are an innovator.

"Innovation is soulless if it does not speak to the human condition"

Dr. Cardona
From Urgency to Agency... Let us not go back!

Let us be good stewards... of the new and continuous innovations!

Adaptability is the norm... We have to evolve quicker.

Let us support one another. Share best practices...

Let us not be complacient...
Take care of yourself.

Get creative... Evolve faster.

Future of Education is about you!
Technology is just an end... Inspiring teachers are the means.

Technology can be a window to us to make change.
How do we support change?

Cyber friendship
What we want the kids to do... Not what not to do!
Maybe Computer Science and Civics should be the same?

VR is the ultimate Empathy Tool.
- Derek Ham

Future forward educator
Being present but preparing for the future.

Learn from the past, be grateful for the present, look forward for the future.

One thing teacher should take...
- Be easy on yourselves
- Keep doing what you are doing
- Keep allowing students to dream
- Think Big!

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Owner: Michael David John E. Abello
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A test

Just a test

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Owner: Anonym
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Let's See

Follow me 148364026.... Whoever followes will be given skins...

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Owner: TypeSo
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Hopefully, by the time future me is reading this you'll be graduating. I hope that senior year ended with a bang and made highschool the best 4 years of my life. There are a couple of things I have in mind now that I wanted to accomplish senior year which is road trip with the boys, DMT with hivansh, smoke a cigar in front of dean Clarke and spit in front of him (for the culture), and what probably defined my time in high school is Christina, bring back my relationship with her even if it means there are no feelings just get the sense of friends again. I also plan to make a memory with each of all my closest boys. Remember that McCulloughs research paper made you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in legalizing psychedelics or altering them to be used in therapy. Even if Ma or Papa don't agree with what I want to do fuck them I want to do something I actually want. But if for some reason you found a new passion I believe in you. Also bro you gotta stop looking on the past so heavily it's hindering you Christina will always be a part of you but that doesn't mean she has to hold you back. She hates you at the time I'm writing this btw like extremely. If there was one thing I could tell her even if it means I can't talk to her again is " I regret what I said on the voice message, I was pressured by Aldo to say that shit which I didn't even want to say this isn't an excuse I know what I said was fucked up. But every time I was thinking about you which is very frequently there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to talk to you again and how well our connection was. I understand if what I said before destroyed the relationship we had and that's the reason why you don't want to talk to me anymore I'll live with the fact that it's over I just wish it wasn't." Remember that you and Mo made a deal to get back the ones you love which I hope happens. And you gotta start putting more emotions into things Christina wouldn't have done what she did if you actually got mad about what happened instead of letting her do that bc you found out why she actually did. Lol but now you're currently talking to Chiara idk if anything big is gonna happen with her I doubt it senior year man time to let loose. Dating feels hard when I think about it but there's eventually gonna be that one girl who won't make it feel hard. Remember don't be a sellout who loses all his friends for the money choose a career path that YOU actually like not Ma or Papa. As Youssef would like to say "You're too shaky with the fems that they need to take off the pants for you" I hope to change that by the end of senior year. I hope one day after highschool we can all get together and live life like the times we have now. Live in the moment not the future or the past. I've been thinking too much about my future that life has been going too quick. Remember cudi saves live and I believe in you.

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Owner: nolimitherro14
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A Letter From Your Past Self

Abi, by this time, you may have reached greater heights, failed even more, experienced greater disappointments, commited greater mistakes than today and right now. As of writing this, I just finished a big big big heated argument with mommy and this is regarding your internship. As of the moment, I feel really like a failure, both in my career and as a daughter. It must have been because of your attitude of bottling everything in that this has been your way of exploding, but I am really ashamed myself to have done that in front of everyone here at home. I hope by this time, you have learned your lesson and have become more patient and reserved with everything life has been throwing at you. I hope you are better now and career wise, able to tell yourself that you've achieved much and tell yourself na you've been doing great. You have been excelling but learn to slow down, learn to rest. Learn to give time to everyone around you. Cry less, smile a little more. I hope you are happy wherever you are and whatever you have achieved <3 Theres so much eroom for self fgrowth right now but I hope by the time you read this there will be a better you and when you reflect, you see a better version of you. You are doing great, be a little more lenient, more patient, always <3

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Owner: Abi (2021)
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just a test


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This is a time capsule

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